Where the Deals Are
by Libby Morse and Liza Schoenfein

Whether you’re in the market for a sofa, suit, stereo, or saucepan, chances are you can find it for less at an area outlet or off-price store. A comprehensive guide

The Houses that Jerry Built
by Frank Kuznik
When it comes to playing hardball at the negotiating table, crafting creative real-estate deals, and infuriating rank-and-file sports fans, Jerry Reinsdorf is tough to beat. A look at the man behind Comiskey Park and the new United Center

Other People’s Money
by Scott McMurray
Attorney and talent agent Saul Foos had the Midas touch when it came to making money for family, friends, and clients. Then they found out that he was a con man and a thief – and had bilked them out of $4 million.

In the Swing
by Llyod Sachs and Mark Ruffin
Made earthier by its proximity to the blues and trickier by infusions of modern harmonies, jazz still swings harder in Chicago than anywhere else.

“I Have a Buddy Dying”
by Shane Tritsch
Neither half a continent nor the NFL could come between Houston Oiler Jeff Alm and his best friend back home, Sean Lynch. Their deaths last winter left Orland Park reeling.

Head of the Class
by Libby Morse
Ten adult-education teachers who earn high marks for their ability to instruct and inspire in underwater photography, philosophy, flower arranging, singing, drawing, and more

At Home: Valley High
by Christine Newman
A couple in search of antiques in Galena find the farmhouse, the land, and the community where they hope to spend the rest of their lives.



Invasion of the Art Institute; a Sioux writer braces for stardom; the Terra-Donnelley flap; and where Larry Lujack is

by Greg Hinz
Banks rediscover the inner city; ex-postal chief defends herself; plus, the high cost of a state senate seat

by Edward R. Allen
One Playboy photographer found his niche shooting the nation’s student bodies.

Stage & Screen
by Penelope Mesic
Bard in the yard: Shakespeare Rep and Oak Park Festival Theatre go outside and play.

Modern Times
by Marcia Froelke Coburn
Graffiti tagger Upski Wimsatt is worried: His autobiographical manifesto may be too highbrow for the hip-hoppers and too hip-hop for the highbrows.

Prime Time

Hot dates around town this month

The Goods

by Leah Eskin
Sun signs shine in arty bronze and cast-stone creations; two new stores open their doors.

by Dennis Ray Wheaton
Fish out of water is the norm at two restaurants trying to lure seafood lovers to their tables. Test the waters downtown or in Evanston.

Budget Beat
by Anne Spiselman and David Novick
Four Latin restaurants are mixing the flavors of the Caribbean and Central and South America in spots strong on value and long on friendly neighborhood atmosphere.

Back Talk
by Henry Hanson

Pussy Paepcke, Jack Nicholson, Jessye Norman, Harlow Higinbotham, Ryne Sandberg, Albert M. Freidman, Dorothy Fuller, and Chris Kennedy