The Path to Victory
by Greg Hinz, Dale Eastman, John B. Holway, Patrick Butler, and Jonathan Eig

Stories of men and women who lived through World War II, one of this country’s defining moments

Native Wit
by Marcia Froelke Coburn
Show-business know-it-alls like David Letterman are talking up actress Bonnie Hunt. With two movies and her own TV series due out this fall, she’s ready to rock and roll.

TV’s Kind of Town
by Bob Daily
Hollywood is tuning in to Chicago as a setting for its All-American TV series. We’re the heartland, we’re not too normal, and we’ve got weather.

Losing Pamela
by Sharon Cohen and Sarah Nordgren
When young Pamela Payne was burned, a two-year fight erupted that sheds light on a system with few success stories.

Last Call
by Amy O’Connor and Ryan Ver Berkmoes
Old-time bartenders – the ones who make their saloons feel like home – are a dying breed. Meet six of Chicago’s best.

At Home: Natural Highs
by Christine Newman

Two weekend houses in Michigan offer wonderland views from every room – Wordsworth never had it so good.



A professional jerk; a diva with a dream; arty autos; and modern folkies

The Goods
by Jennifer Epstein
Full blooms for a long, hot summer

by Greg Hinz
Royko fights the law; high rollin’ on the river – a statewide guide to casino clout

Modern Times
by Marcia Froelke Coburn
The dogged pursuits of a photographer who shoots pooches

Stage & Screen
by Penelope Mesic
Chicago actor Michael T. Weiss stars in a wild, witty movie about love in the time of AIDS.

by Gretchen Reynolds
Howone of the most successful con men in Chicago history talked his way into prison for the next 25 years

Prime Time

Hot dates around town this month

Adult Ed
by Libby Morse
Thinking about reinventing yourself? Here are courses that will help you map a 21st-century career.

Budget Beat
by Anne Spiselman

Mellow food and mellow times await at three new neighborhood hangouts.

by Dennis Ray Wheaton
Two dining havens in woodsy settings make for a lovely summer drive just south of the city.

Sullivan’s Travels
by Terry Sullivan

A Mexican rodeo near Lemont kicks up some un-PC pageantry.