Ring Out the Old, Ring in the New
by Alan Gross

We celebrate the holiday season with an exhilarating salute to the city’s bells.

Confrontations: Getting a Divorce
by Jack Star
Dissolving a marriage nowadays is often extremely complicated, and the final legal fees can be very substantial indeed.

Out for the Count
by Jerry Sullivan
A Big Year of sighting birds in Cook County is a good year for citing the complexities of thoroughly modern couples.

Hold the Olive
by Todd Lief
But drink the martini – one symbol of civilization that has always been susceptible to change.

How I survived the Crime of the Century
by Armand S. Deutsch
Sixty years later, a man looks back at the Loeb-Leopold murder and wonders how he escaped with his life.

When Children Have Children
by Daniel B. Frank
For some teen-agers, the responsibilities of parenthood come too soon.

The Goods: Kaleidoscopic Holiday
by Jamie Gilson
A plethora of presents picked (perhaps?) by a mad aunt, or an eccentric cousin, or a friend who truly knows your soul

The New Bronze Age
by Patrick T. Reynolds
A team of art conservators brings Two American Indians back to lustrous life.

Dining Out in Zurich
fiction by Terry Stokes
A man of small joys overcomes formidable guano and the influence of many smarts pants to make it big in America.

Chicago’s Fred Leavitt
Images of ourselves by a photographer with an eye for city life

Disbanding the Patronage Army
by Alfredo S. Lanier
How Michael Shakman’s lawsuit changed the ground rules for Chicago’s City Hall politicians

by Alfredo S. Lanier and Casey Sills
Studies of the city’s homeless as they perform their daily rituals



by Henry Hanson
Paris happily acclaims 150 years of Chicago architecture; the Field brothers transact with Murdoch; Upfront‘s annual Yuletide rhyme

On the Aisle: The Lady, The Beast, and the Icon
by Claudia Cassidy
Looking at new performances – and what’s to come

Chicago As It Was: Horsing Around
by Perry R. Duis

A Currier & Ives Christmas means snow, and mistletoe, and horse-drawn sleighs. Alas, the sleighs have been replaced by articulated buses.

Books: Algren’s Many Angers
The Devil’s Stocking
proves that he did not go gentle into that good night.
City: Their Fathers’ Daughters
by Pamela Marin
The legacy left by Malcom X and Martin Luther King, Jr.
Travel: A Driving Tour of Scotland
by Jane Samuelson
Through a countryside abounding with churches and castles

Wine: A Run-down of Sparklers
by Patrick W. Fegan
Try some of these sparkling wines from the four corners of the world.
Roger Simon: Staying In

Phyllis and George just may have solved the problem of the perils of urban life.

Movies: Playing Along with Rivette
by Dave Kehr
A filmmaker in search of an audience in search of adventure

Audio: The Source of Power
by Rich Warren
A lightweight battery becomes a heavyweight.

Dining on a Budget: Home Away From Home on Harlem
by Jill and Ron Rohde
When is an Italian restaurant not a typical Italian restaurant? When it’s T. Colombo and Oscar’s.

Dining on the Town: Return of a Long-Lost Friend
by Carla and Allen Kelson
Jovan has risen from its ashes, and what a glorious sight it is.

The Best of Chicago: Never Safe, Never Sorry
by Michael Warr
If you like to mix politics with your prose, try Guild Books.

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