Mayor Vrdolyak?
by Roger Simon

Does the leader of the 29 want something more than control of the City Council?

Who’s Minding the Store?
by Alan Gross
The entrepreneurial spirit among the married is alive and well in Chicago.

A Christmas Gallery
Art that illuminates the holiday and lifts the spirit: a pictorial essay

A Space, Light & Color Show
by Brenda Shapiro
Two talented young architects, Ron Krueck and Keith Olsen, explode the Miesian box, suffusing it with subtle colors and curves.

Party Girls & Boys
by Brenda Shapiro
Dress-up clothes to turn rebel smalls into paradigms of proprietry-at least through dessert.

Star of Wonder
by Daniel Mark Epstein
When a family celebrates Christmas and Hanukkah, the imagery and symbols of both may coalesce.

Of Flowers and Fear
by Lowell B. Komie
A Chicagoan inside Poland-seeing the lives that don’t make the news

The Goods: Classics
by Jamie Gilson
Sixty-eight classical gift ideas to aid in your (holiday-shopping) search for truth and beauty.

Seeing the Subconscious
by Henry Hanson
The Museum of Contemporary Art cuts with a paperknife into the heart of Chicago’s fascination with Dada and Surrealism.



by Henry Hanson
The Chicago Trivia game proves our trivia are as good as anybody’s else’s; Upfront toasts our luminaries; spending Christmas where it’s hot-Chicago!

On the Aisle: Rosi’s Stunning Carmen
by Claudia Cassidy
Justifying optimism about what can be done on the wide screen

Environment: Luminous Lessons
by Tom Valeo

A sad chapter in the history of worker safety closes in Ottawa, Illinois.

Travel: A Five-Country Sampler
by Robert C. Cooper
To Americans, foreign means far. In the Netherlands, far is near.
Movies: Family Secrets
by Dave Kehr
In A Sunday in the Country, everything that is hidden eventually becomes known.
Chicago as it Was: Printing for Profit
by Perry R. Duis
By the end of the 19th century, Chicago’s letterheads and railroad tickets had been raised to the level of ephemeral art.

Books: Stranger in the Strangest Land
By the end of his two-year stay in Chicago, this Chinese journalist had learned to love the blues.

Roger Simon: A Look Backward at 1992
Wonder what future generations will say about our world’s fair? Wonder no more.

Wine: Toasting with the Real Thing
by Patrick W. Fegan
Champagne imports are up-just in time for the holidays.

Audio: One End to the Stereo Search
by Rich Warren

Presenting the finest compromise between buying separate components and an all-in-one rack system

Dining on a Budget: Winter Warm-Ups
by Jill and Ron Rohde
When the north winds do blow, try this Southeast Asian solution.

Dining on the Town: Mail This to Melman
by Carla and Allen Kelson
If only the Pump Room could be letter perfect.

The Best of Chicago: Fiery Passion
by Alan Gross
A centuries-old tradition continues on Lill Street

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