Chicago Celebrates
by Susan Figliulo and James F. Quinn
A grand look at our city dressed in its finest for the holidays

Cold Comfort
by John Rezek
Nobody said a Chicago winter was easy, but perhaps this  bit of lagniappe will make the next few months bearable.

The Church, Abortion, and Sister Margaret Traxler
by Robert McClory
A liberal Chicago nun stands fast for her beliefs, and the Vatican is less than pleased.

The Migration of the Bag Ladies
fiction by Nolan Porterfield
At noon on a certain day, they filed into a ragged, scattered line and headed west.

Mamas, Papas, and Cubs
by Brenda Shapiro
A family wrap-up in fabulous furs

The Goods: The Last Word
by Jamie Gilson
Seventy-six quintessential presents for those special people on your gift list who have it all, want nothing, or live with only the best

Spirits of the Season
by Patrick W. Fegan
From a noted critic, ten suggestions of holiday gifts for the wine lover

Counting the Hispanic Vote
by Alfredo S. Lanier
The city’s racial divisions have thrust to center stage an unpredictable and growing part of the electorate.

by Michael Anania
Chilly scenes of starting a car in winter



by Henry Hanson
Viewing the essence of a bridge in Paris; Upfront‘s Yuletide toast to Chicago notables; after the kickoff, getting a kick out of Perry

On the Aisle: Lyric Newcomers, Ballet, Gogol
by Claudia Cassidy
Performances in town – routine staging, grotesque mauling, a glory of any season

Books: Vertical Flight
For remembrance – Franz Schulze’s vivid biography of Mies van der Rohe

Theatre: Restoration Drama
by Lenny Kleinfeld

Marshall Holleb’s hard work set the stage for the Chicago Theatre’s rebirth.

M.W. Newman: Derailed Values
Remember when trains got you where you had to go? And did it in style?
Audio/Video: An Electronics Wish List
by Rich Warren
Some of the brightest stars in audio and video that you’d be glad to find under your tree
Movies: In Pursuit of Greatness
by Dave Kehr
Why Kurosawa’s Ran is not an also-ran

Travel: Roman Holiday
by Mary Davis Suro
Some things the guidebooks won’t tell you about sightseeing in Rome

Art: Sculptures of the Gods?
by Henry Hanson
An artist bulldozes abandoned strip mines into the biggest critters you’ll ever meet at a picnic.

Dining on a Budget: Strauss and Schnitzel
by Anne Spiselman and David Novick
A live band adds just the right note to an ethnic meal.

Dining on the Town: Bubbles and Beads
by Carla and Allen Kelson
Where to splurge on those two extravagant New Year’s indulgences – caviar and Champagne

The Best of Chicago: Ornament for Ornament’s Sake
by Jamie Gilson
For Jane Ryden, Christmas is a year-long affair.

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