A Sense of the Moment
by Gene Mustain
Capturing history on the run with Channel 5 News

The Gritty Gospel of Mary Nelson
by Patrick Barry
One woman’s crusade to make West Garfield Park a much better place

Ray Meyer
by Alan Steinberg
DePaul’s legendary emeritus coach talks about the glories of the past and the lonesomeness of the present.

The Natural History of Bubbly
by Patrick W. Fegan
Why the French make the best Champagne of all, and where you can discover that for yourself

by Brenda Shapiro
Once-in-a-party-time glamour clothes for memorable entrances

The Goods: As You Like It
by Jamie Gilson
With everyone in mind, we present holiday gifts that are guaranteed to produce oohs and ahs of pleasure, shouts of joy, thank-you notes…

Fire and Ice
by Alan Gross
‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the firehouse, our intrepid reporter was stirring…

Going, Going, Gone
by Joanna L. Krotz
Brining home a treasure by buying at auction

David Woolley, Bully
by John Rezek
For this frenetic fight choreographer, the appearance of being brutal is deceiving.



by Henry Hanson
A holiday toast to Chicago notables; to who it may concern – classes for business people who need help with grammar; a new book about Jesse Jackson – code name “Thunder”

On the Aisle: Orlando, Parsifal, Horowitz
by Claudia Cassidy
In wishing for a richer stage, hope springs eternal.

Theatre: Why is this Man Laughing?
by Tom Valeo

Today’s angry young playwrights go for the jokes as they go for the jugular.

Movies: Love Kills
by Peter Keough
An addled musical about that fabulous disaster Sid Vicious
Audio/Video: Joyful Noises
by Rich Warren
A tiny CD player, a yuppie boom box, “Amazing” loudspeakers – ask for any or all under your tree.

M.W. Newman: A Real Chicago Tree
I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as an ailanthus.

Travel: A Royal Tour of Scotland
by Carla and Allen Kelson
Six days on a grand old train, sampling the delights of an intriguing land

Books: Journalismo
Conservative propaganda about who’s writing and reporting the news

City: The Airport at a Crossroads
by Patrick Barry
The city and the suburbs haggle over O’Hare’s future.

Dining on a Budget: River North, Here We Come
by Anne Spiselman and David Novick
A few bistro standouts in an area that needs more good, inexpensive restaurants

Dining on the Town: Curtain Up!
by Carla and Allen Kelson
Three veteran Chicago chefs star in new productions with mixed results.

The Best of Chicago: Road Warriors
by Hal Higdon
Putting the brakes on drunken driving

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