Season’s Greedies
by Henry Hanson, David Jackson, Mark Jannot, and Daniel Santow

A Yuletide toast to the city’s movers and takers

Hatchet Man: The Rise of David Axelrod
by Grant Pick
Within the next 12 months, this political consultant just could become a kingmaker.

Goods: Treasure to Go
by Donna Frost and Joanne Trestrail
Gifts of rare richness from museum shops

Shouting at the Wind
by David Jackson
Monica sleeps in a revolving door and doesn’t trust a living soul.

Living in a Glass House
by Colin Westerbeck
To look out at the city from one of the high-rises designed by Mies van der Rohe is to be present at the creation of the view itself.

Chicago Story: Blacks on Track
by Penelope Mesic
The Negro Traveler taught blacks that there was no need to stand still.

Fashion: The Late Show
by Donna Frost and Pat Schulman
Stepping out at the Satin Doll in something gorgeous, outrageous.



Journal: Well Enough Alone
by Hillel Levin, editor
Knowing when the homeless aren’t helpless

by David Jackson
Inside Special Events; tales of a patchin’; CHA’s $800-a-month tenants

by Henry Hanson
Chicago architecture and rats make splash in Paris; Lujack signs off; Puryear does what he loves.

Theatre: Scenes from a Small Town
by Bob Daily
Getting to know the luckless inhabitants of Little Egypt

Books: Body Count
A panoramic history of the AIDS plague

Execs: Mr. Higginbottom Develops
by Patrick Barry
The king of subsidized housing moves downtown.

Space: Railroaded
by M.W. Newman
Haunting reminders of buildings we threw away

Movies: Great, Mysterious Moments
by Penelope Mesic
Only briefly in Maurice does passion prevail over privilege.

Dining: Bistro Tech
by Carla and Allen Kelson
The modest café francais in chic, sleek translation

Back Talk
by Henry Hanson
Divine dozen salute Skrebneski; Solti’s bust unveiled; Jahn tips alarming hat.

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