Mongo in Love
by Marcia Froelke Coburn

Bears defensive tackle Steve McMichael and his bombshell wife, Debra, are the reigning Beauty and Beast of Chicago – she’s a glamour puss and he’s a good ol’ boy who’s got to be bad.

Presents Perfect
by Deborah Newmark
Christmas gifts with a future are distinctive standouts from the start – we’ve kept our eye on design, color, character, and quality.

Broken Legacy
by Tom Brune and James Ylisela, Jr.
When he died, Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad left behind a fortune estimated at $46 million. He also left a question: To whom does it belong? Sixteen years after his death, the state and his family are still waging a bitter battle over the answer.

Strong Medicine
by Ruth Richman
The problems facing Cook County’s health-care system are deep and intractable. But Ruth Rothstein, the new health-care czar, may be more intractable still.

Having it Made
by Dan Santow
Where to go for custom-crafted tables, suits, cakes, hats, shoes, shower curtains, golf clubs, and dozens of other items made just the way you want

A Joyful Noise
by Brenda Shapiro
Divine ideas for decorating a table in the season for parties where you let out all the stops.



French finds, stylish times, fighting crimes; Scoops du Jour, by Carla Kelson

Art Works
by Henry Hanson
A tall twister, a farm boy, low-end art, high-end Klees

Prime Time
Hot dates around town this month

by Gretchen Reynolds
Look at his policies, look at his actions, and one question has to be asked: Is Mayor Daley really a Republican?

Chicago Woman
by Marcia Froelke Coburn
A Trumpette with a tiara isn’t all Miss Illinois wants to talk about.

by Penelope Mesic
Food is everywhere in Mike Leigh’s Life Is Sweet.

by Donald L. Miller
Chicago’s merchant princes built a city divided by class and race.

by Anthony Adler
Remains revives a raucous period of U.S. history.

Real Estate

by Dennis Rodkin
Small-town Lockport goes urban in a lofty way. Plus, recent real-estate transactions

by Dennis Ray Wheaton
A year’s worth of dining out Chicago style; Budget Beat, by David Novick

Back Talk
by Henry Hanson
Saul Bellow, Susan Getzendanner, Gordon Sinclair, Pussy Paepcke, and Michael Butler