The Best of Chicago
edited by Dale Eastman

Hunting for heaven on earth takes time, so we sent several worldly writers in search of the city’s optimum offerings. The result is a guide to ultimate urban living, including peonies that will make you gasp, a rock club you can call home, a community organizer who is changing lives, and a Lincoln Park couple who are making a profit off of puppy love.

An Insiders’ History of the Past 25 Years
edited by Geoffrey Johnson
From the death of Richard J. Daley to the inauguration of Harold Washington and beyond – a look back at some of the memorable events of Chicago’s last quarter century, as remembered by the men and women who were there

You Must Remember This
edited by Gale Kappe
A lot of things that we loved about Chicago vanished during the past 25 years. Too bad we’ll never see the Lindbergh Beacon again, or grab a beer at McCuddy’s, or catch a set at Mister Kelly’s. A scrapbook of some of our favorite lost treasures.



Laurie Hogin’s lush view of a troubled world; Jim Belushi’s blue mood; dueling Jordan tomes; and more

The Goods
by Jennifer Epstein
Italian liqueurs and sweet indulgences for the holidays

by Greg Hinz
William Hogan hopes to lead the Teamsters union into the future. He has image problems to defeat first.

edited by Shane Tritsch
Getting up to date on some of the stories from Chicago‘s first 25 years

Stage & Screen
by Penelope Mesic
La Gran Scena’s dizzying mix of high art and low comedy hits town.

Prime Time

Hot dates around town this month

Going Places
by Anne Spiselman

New shops and restaurants have enlivened the tranquil suburbs of Lake Forest, Highland Park, and Highwood.

by Dennis Ray Wheaton
Two once bright ristoranti have become lackluster renditions of their former selves.

Sullivan’s Travels
by Terry Sullivan

One more thing that makes us happier and better than New Yorkers: those lighter-than-air Czech dumplings called knedliky