See How They Run
The three candidates most likely to succeed in the Democratic primary election sound off.

Mayor Jane M. Byrne
by William Brashler and Joyce Hansen
An informal dossier for uninitiated

Byrne Q &A
by Alfredo S. Lanier and Andrew Patner
“This is a very tough city and you have to be feisty.”

State’s Attorney Richard M. Daley
by William Brashler and Joyce Hansen
Quick – what was his nickname in high school?

A Day in the Life
by William Brashler
Daley campaigns in the paneled basements of volunteer workers on the South and Southwest sides.

Congressman Harold Washington
by Alfredo S. Lanier
Introducing the man who could become the city’s first black mayor

Washington Q & A
by Alfredo S. Lanier and Andrew Patner
“We look at our campaign as starting with maybe 400,000 concrete hard votes.”

A Time to Listen: Black and Hispanic Voices Speak Out
Andrew Patner
As the elections approach, the new majority shows a growing awareness of its power.

Inflation: Worse Than You Think
by Jack Star
Details from ten years of vanishing dollar power

Living it up on the Continent
Now’s the time to pack your bags and go – the dollar is strong, the familiar beckons, the unfamiliar tempts.

The Austrian Alps: Live High and Travel Light
by John Rasmus

Madrid: Plush Hotels, the Prado, and Play into the Wee Hours
by Mike Michaelson

Paris: The View from the Crillon, Elegant and Convenient
by John Fink

Monaco: The Fairy-tale Principality
by Alfredo S. Lanier

The Great Asian Bazaar
by Herb Daniels
Bargains galore, yes – and here’s how and where to strike the best ones.



by Henry Hanson
Clip-clopping down La Salle on New Year’s Eve to 42nd Street; giving credit as “wimp” enters the political lexicon; Chicago’s home-rule struggle and Gandhi’s

William Brashler: The Anatomy of Chicago’s Pols
Their careers end not with a bang, but a swish.

On the Aisle: Anniversary Blues
by Claudia Cassidy
What kind of “triumph” was Lyric’s 1982 season?

Books: Leaps of Faith

The Bennington tradition brings a sense of destiny, a sense of humor to modern dance.

The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
Cupid less cherubic these days, his arrows slightly bent? Still, gifts given for love’s sake – a vulnerable bear, a box of chocolate truffles, flowers fresh from France – can soften a cynic’s heart.
Audio: Sound that Would be Perfect
by Rich Warren
How to record it live and play it back lively

Movies: A Man Above the People
by Dave Kehr
When Gandhi speaks, huge crowds of extras listen.
Chicago As It Was: The Cabbie’s Checkered Past
by Perry R. Duis
From gurneys on gaslit streets to today’s modern fleets, Chicago’s taxis have driven a rocky road.
Dining on a Budget: Bibim Bop to these Korean Spots

by Jill and Ron Rohde
Korean cooking offers great values that shouldn’t be sold short.

Dining on the Town: Bali, High and Low
by Carla and Allen Kelson
Rijsttafel, an Indonesian banquet, is meant to be served in comfort and elegance. Here w urge you to forget the Formica and concentrate on the food.

The Best of Chicago: Making Beautiful Music Together
by Florence Levinsohn
Get your bow rehaired, buy a new cake of resin, or invest in a $500,000 violin at Bein and Fushi.

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