Battle for the Hall
by Louis H. Masotti and Paul M. Green

A donnybrook develops – and the city’s future is up for grabs.

Dan P. McAdams
by Ronni Scheier
A man who takes a professional interest in affairs of the heart explores the psychology of love.

The Big Feed
by Rich Bowen and Dick Fay
Four days of food, frolic, and hucksterism at McCormick Place

Grand Illusionists
by Judith Neisser
Trompe l’oeil artists can create anything with paint.

Little People, Big Thoughts
by Penelope Mesic
What children are thinking is a subject both vast and various – and startling.

Manford Byrd’s Report Card
by Robert McClory
How our superintendent of schools climbed slowly to the top



by Henry Hanson
Seeing sites from Sears Tower for a new stadium; greed and lust mingle compatibly in a new sizzler; takeabreath – Iranscam comes to mayoral race.

On the Aisle: No 12-Fanged Serpent Rustling…
by Claudia Cassidy
…in Ravinia’s picnic baskets, as Schoenberg’s tonal Gurrelieder opens the 1987 season

Theatre: Scientific Shtick
by Tom Valeo

A group of chaotic comics write some new equations for laughter.

Movies: Complicity
by Peter Keough
does not just passively witness the war’s horrors; it embroils the viewer in their commission.
Travel: Visiting Bruges
by Delia O’Hara
Return to the past on the streets and canals of this lovely medieval Belgian city.
The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
February cheers the art of making ornament out of the ordinary – Shaker furniture, ingenious buttons, nomadic tent furniture. Irresistible.

Books: Legacy of a Brief Life
Leanita McClain shamed the devils of our community, if not of her own singular heart.
Audio/Video: Speakers with British Accents
by Rich Warren
Companies in Britain have achieved remarkable break-throughs in speaker design.

M.W. Newman: Lessons in Caring
The Reverend Daniel Alvarez carries on a noble Hispanic tradition.

Dining on a Budget: With a South  American Beat
by Anne Spiselman and David Novick
Sure-fire cures to shake away the winter doldrums

Dining on the Town: Calling Room Service
by Carla and Allen Kelson
Some romantic suggestions to make Valentine’s Day extra-special

The Best of Chicago: A Real City Smith
by Betty Mussell Lundy
Meet Richard Pozniak, a man of iron and warmth.

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