Algren in Exile
by Joe Pintauro

In the last year of his life, everything that this literary outlaw mourned as lost seemed on the brink of coming back to him.

Chicago Story: In Defense of Dillinger
by William J. Helmer
He was a lawbreaker without a sadistic streak. And cool under pressure, he was. Incredibly cool.

Sweet Home Chicago!
by Alan Gross
This is, and has been for almost a hundred years, the candy capital of a snack-starved nation.

Of Harold Washington
by Gwendolyn Brooks
Illinois’s poet laureate remembers Himself.

The Making of Mayor What’s-His-Name
by David Jackson
The election of Eugene Sawyer was a lollapalooza, a honey of a fight. But what did it all mean?

Squeeze-Box City
by David Carter and Toni Schlesinger
They say the accordion is making noise again. In Chicago, it never really stopped.



Journal: Hustler’s Blood
by Hillel Levin, editor
No figure defines this season of change better than the master of the short-sighted, quick-grab scheme.

by David Jackson
Funeral in Mexico; siege in Maywood; the Tribune peddles its own papers.

by Henry Hanson
Anselm Kiefer’s elusive alchemy; Botanic Garden’s fertile delta; Ellen Lanyon’s magic mythology

Chicago Woman: Jaw Aerobics
by Marcia Froelke Coburn
In this group, exercising was only the warm-up; talking was the real workout.

Books: The Night Watchman
by John Seelye
Algren’s Chicago may be gone, but thanks to several independent presses, his beautiful losers are far from lost.

Theatre: Portrait of a Performance Artist
by Anthony Adler
you can’t mix performance art and theatre – because it’s a done thing.

Movies: Wonders of War
by Penelope Mesic
In Hope and Glory, the past – simply because it is over – has a safety that it never really possessed.

Dining: Teppan Haute with My Sushi
by Carla and Allen Kelson
Mega-restaurants redefine Japanese cuisine.

Back Talk
by Henry Hanson
Jamie Wyeth, Ann Landers, Mel Torme, Big Jim, and Ann Hampton Callaway

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