February 1994 Table of Contents


Tower of Trouble
by Dennis Rodkin

The world’s tallest building has become a real-estate nightmare, a white elephant with 27 vacant floors. The Sears Tower isn’t the only downtown building having trouble, but it is certainly the most visible. Now the saga of the retailer’s monument to itself awaits the next chapter: By luck or by genius, Sears got its money out; but will it leave lenders holding the bag?

The Players
by Robert Sharoff, Bob Daily and Jeanne Rattenbury
In the past few years, a new theatrical establishment has emerged in Chicago. To find out who belongs, we talked to the recognized major characters and came up with 50 stars – behind the scenes and stage front – who make sure that the shows continue to go on.

Death of a Warrior
by Frank Kuznik
Men’s movement leader Ron Hering was a guru and a therapist to hundreds. Now his followers are trying to make sense of the shocking violence that cut him down.

Stardust Memories
by Shane Tritsch
The late photographer Maurice Seymour spent a lifetime shooting the stars of show biz in his Chicago studio. He died late last year. But thanks to his son Ron, his stunning portraits live as testament to a vanished golden age.

Desperately Seeking Springfield
by Greg Hinz
The three major Democratic candidates for governor smell blood this election year. But does Roland Burris, Dawn Clark Netsch, or Richard Phelan have what it takes to take incumbent Jim Edgar’s job?



Another sitcom, South Side style; a songwriter’s search; chocolate on the cheap

by Greg Hinz
Mike Madigan’s tax-law colossus in the Loop; the county’s budget blunder; and what’s behind the changes at WBEZ public radio

Chicago Woman
by Marcia Froelke Coburn
Dr. Jock throws her weight around so kids can do it for themselves.

Stage & Screen
by Penelope Mesic
The Film Center gets ahead of the big kick for Hong Kong movies.

by Gretchen Reynolds
The Trib’s new editor has surprised people by the scope of the changes he’s already made there. But can he really shake some life into the staid newspaper?

by Luchina Fisher

At least 50 explosions rocked the suburban Burr Ridge area last summer. Then the biggest bombshell hit – with the arrests of the teenage culprits.

Prime Time
Hot dates around town this month

The Goods
by Leah Eskin
On Valentine’s Day you can have inspired words to live by without losing your scents.

by Dennis Ray Wheaton
Damn the cholesterol: When you crave red meat and buttery baked potatoes, Chicago is a prime place to be.

Budget Beat
by Anne Spiselman and David Novick
It’s not hard to order a satisfying Korean meal once you know your way around the menu at five Asian spots.

Back Talk
by Henry Hanson

Barbara Gaines, William Shakespeare, John Bryan, Rolf Achilles, Ron Krueck