Building a New Gold Coast
by Jonathan Eig

High-powered developers like MCL’s Dan McLean are creating a whole new neighborhood near the city’s downtown lakefront that promises to transform the face of Chicago.

The Big Onion Awards
by Steve Rhodes and David Zivan
Our sixth annual compendium of the greedy, lazy, and sometimes downright ridiculous behavior of our public servants

Not Your Parents’ City College
by Cynthia Hanson
In its effort to become a leading urban public school, the University of Illinois at Chicago has taken chances – and suffered a few major falls.

The Prime of Life
by Dennis Ray Wheaton
Steak is booming all over town  but where to begin? What’s dry-aged, anyway? How cool is a cool center? Which wine to order? Here’s our guide to what’s best at the city’s top 20 steak houses.

The Bar Guide
by Jeff Ruby and David Zivan
From stylish wine bars to neighborhood hangouts, here’s our guide to more than 170 of the best watering holes in the city.




Local artists – from prominent to obscure – get the nod for the prestigious Whitney Biennial contemporary art show; James Finn Garner’s no-fail Presidential candidate; support for a raw deal; more

Style Sheet
by Stacy Wallace-Albert
Slinky shoes, bubble bath and balm, the ring things, candle power

Stage & Screen
by Penelope Mesic
The American Theater Company confronts the horrific head games of Medea. Plus, musical dares

Real Lives
by Marcia Froelke Coburn
In two new books, National Public Radio veterans Gwen Macsai and Scott Simon look back at the past.

Sullivan’s Travels
by Terry Sullivan
A used car dealership that offers some arresting bargains – if you can overlook the odd bullet hole or bloodstain

by Margaret Littman
Local hoops star Antoine Teague has endured the exotic hardships of the international pro leagues – but he hasn’t played a minute in the States.

by Steve Rhodes
Some of Chicago’s best and brightest high school students have intentionally failed the very standardized tests they hope to eliminate.

Expert Witness
by Tara Croft
Chocolate maker Robert Piron preps us for much to-do about chocolate on V-day.

Chicago Guides

Prime Time

Fab Feb
Argentina’s national dance heats up the Chicago Theatre in Forever Tango, and the Museum of Science and Industry welcomes Titanic: The Exhibition.

Yin and Yang

Kinetic Vong gets the upscale fusion thing going in its gleaming Black Plate appetizer; tea for two (or more) at the comforting Joy of Ireland.