A Birthday Message of Hope
by Emmett Dedmon

150 years after the city emerged from the swamps, are we already in the throes of senility?

A Touch of Time
by Herb Daniels
Momentous events and titillating trivia from our lively history

Searching for the real Chicago
Although they themselves are no longer with us, the words of four illustrious residents – Frank Lloyd Wright, Nelson Algren, Archibald MacLeish, and Rudolph Ganz – live on.

Best of Chicago
by staff and readers
150 reasons this town has a great future

A Portrait of the City: Photo Essay
Just a few of the ways Chicago casts its magic spell



by Henry Hanson
Look! Look! See Dick and Jane and Harold run; a new song for our town; a tower of cars outside Paris.

William Brashler: When the Strong Don’t Survive
Some fine writers manage to succeed – with everyone except themselves.

Books: Obsessed with Writing

A life of verse and adversity – remembering Robert Lowell

The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
A big bowl of oyster stew, a book you can’t wait to read, a feather bed plumply beckoning – pity those who’ve only palm trees and sun for comfort.
Movies: The New Faces of the Old Wave
by Dave Kehr
The Film Center shows what is superb and French and what you have never seen before.

Chicago as it Was: A History of Chicago History
by Perry R. Duis
The city has been chronicled in many ways and for diverse purposes almost from the day of its founding.
Audio: The Digital Decision
by Rich Warren
Don’t do anything without knowing everything.
Travel: Seventy Miles of History and Charm

by Virginia Woodwell
Cape Cod – almost at our back door – teems with history, scenery, and recreational resources.

Dining on a Budget
by Jill and Ron Rohde
Two spots for al dente fettuccine that won’t put a dente in your wallet

Dining on the Town: High Hopes
by Carla and Allen Kelson
The Ninety-Fifth has changed its act, and it could become a showstopper.

Publisher’s Postscript: Big Challenges but Great Opportunities
by Ray Nordstrand
An insufferable Chicago booster offers an appraisal of his favorite city.

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