Chicago’s Hidden Treasures
What better way to celebrate the New Year than with a tribute to Chicago’s earthy delights? From a Polish deli to warm your insides to profiles of unheralded Chicagoans to warm your spirit, we offer dozens of treasures-within and beyond the city limits-that we hope will inspire, amuse, and even surprise you. Happy New Year!

The Art of Looking
by M. W. Newman
Whether it’s an obscure soup kitchen on Ogden Avenue or a quiet stroll through the Zoorookery, the city nurtures fragile secrets. You just have to know how to find them.

Hidden Treasures
Want to dance a jig or a polka? Need a craftsman to apply tender loving care to your antique fountain pen or China doll? In the mood for the best pumpernickel on earth? Well, then, the hidden treasures of Chicago (and its suburbs) await you.



by Henry Hanson
Searching for beasts of the sea in Hawaii; reactions to a landlocked ten-ton beast; a who’s who of Chicagoans in NYC

On the Aisle: A Mistily Swirling Die Frau
by Claudia Cassidy
Lyric’s production of Strauss’s fairy tale-allegory, and essentially nightmare

Movies: Setting Up the Sixties
by Dave Kehr

The Flamingo Kid brings back that eccentric era when bikini tops were as well armored as the bows of battleships.

Roger Simon: The Next-Worst Thing to Being There
The wonders of modern technology bring a new rash of rudeness

History: We’ll Build a Bungalow…
by Douglas Bukowski
Da Mare lived in one, and so have thousands of other Chicagoans: How the bungalow boom transformed our urban landscape.
Audio: Taking Your Pick of Compact Discs
by Rich Warren
Some naysayers predicted CDs would be frozen out of audio, but the CD revolution is here!
The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
Make a long-term investment in pleasure: A made-in-Chicago fur coat; a plentitude of prints by Josef Albers; a neon butler to greet your guests.

Art: Philip of Green Gables
by Henry Hanson
To the pantheon of monumental Chicago skyscrapers is added a La Salle Street tower designed by Johnson and Burgee, perhaps the most successful architects of tall buildings today.

Books: The Truth About Women
Men make women crazy. Here’s how Edna O’Brien’s heroines handle that.

Dining on the Town: Starting Our Right
by Carla and Allen Kelson
Notable first courses to whet your appetite

Dining on a Budget: Beyond Mexico
by Jill and Ron Rohde
Savor the cuisine of Guatemala and its cuisine as well.

Publisher’s Postscript: Making the Fair a Treasure
by Ray Nordstrand
Let’s approach 1992 with vision-it could benefit us all.

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