My City: Remembrances and Reflections
by Studs Terkel

A uniquely perceptive assessment of the life and times of our city, from the perspective of one of its most astute observers.



by Henry Hanson
Flaunting the Panczko Diamond at Field Museum’s Gem Ball; March ’86 peace marchers aim to leave the world better than they found it; let’s hear it for the Netsches – Walter and Dawn.

On the Aisle: Glimpses of Masterworks
by Claudia Cassidy
Two plays from Canada’s Stratford – gallant survival with hope of wealth to come

Theatre: A Year of Winning Dangerously
by Lenny Kleinfeld

Chances were taken in 1985 in Chicago theatre. Many of them paid off.

Books: Games for Readers
The parodies of W.B. Scott are knowledgeable, affectionate, and full of sport.

M.W. Newman: The Missing Chicago Look
Isn’t it time for our artists to paint our faces for the future?
Audio/Video: A Pilgrimage to Tokyo
by Rich Warren
Previews of state-of-the-art components at the Japan Audio Fair
Movies: The End of the Line
by Dave Kehr
In Claude Lanzmann’s nine-and-a-half-hour documentary, the Holocaust still persists.

The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
For Italophiles, parents-in-waiting, people who want light in their lives, and that special soul who hankers for a traveling case owned by a 19th-century French nobleman

Travel: A Tale of Three Cities
by Don Gold
Visits to Helsinki – a transition between West and East – frame a trip to Moscow and Leningrad.

Dining on a Budget: Pizza with Pizzazz
by Anne Spiselman and David Novick
The curtain rises on stylish, yuppie-oriented places.

Dining on the Town: Thinking Thin
by Carla and Allen Kelson
You don’t have to sacrifice a good time when cutting back on calories.

Postscript: Big, Bold, and Accessible
by Ray Nordstrand
It’s time to explore the rices of Chicago, and, like Studs, you don’t even need a car.

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