Born to Lose
by Civia Tamarkin and Rob Warden

There is persuasive evidence that Gary Dotson is the victim not only of desperate young women but of the justice system as well.

Making the Perfect Burger
by Peter A. Chalberg
We’re talking classy, fat, upscale monsters. Just follow these fail-safe directions and dig in.

Forecast ‘88
by Henry Hanson, David Jackson, Mark Jannot, Dan Kening, Laura Raidonis, and Joanne Trestrail
The experts’ expectations: Omens, tips, and assorted revelations on politics, economics, crime and the arts

Troubled Water
by Tom Hall
A bitter ten-year fight over the removal of 300,000 pounds of PCBs from Waukegan Harbor may be nearing an end.

Roger Brown’s Russian Diary
An American artist goes to Russia and discovers that materialism can be spiritual, nurses are the same everywhere, and the umbrellas are cheaper at home.



Journal: The Realm of the Accused
by Hillel Levin, editor
Where criminal convictions are at stake, media involvement can be dicey.

by David Jackson
Remembering Harold; Danny Davis rolls; Free Press folds

by Henry Hanson
Big Twist brings it all back home; Lulu scores as lulu; Larry Heinemann goes the limit.

Theatre: Bland Looks and Cataclysms
by Anthony Adler
Chekhovian similarities in Three Sisters and Three Postcards

Books: Death is His Life
Stanley Elkin fashions a new soft-core comedy out of the living end.

Execs: Taking the Inside Track
by Mark Jannot
Through the glass ceiling with an in-house entrepreneur

Movies: The Panic of Dreams
by Penelope Mesic
In House of Games, everybody gets conned, and even the crazy have got the jitters.

Dining: Off and Running
by Carla and Allen Kelson
Just out of the starting gate, Charlie Trotter’s sets the pace.

Back Talk
by Henry Hanson
Paul Simon, Jim McMahon, Scott Turow, Sugar Rautbord, and Basil Talbott, Jr.

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