Ten Who Made a Difference
edited by Dale Eastman
Our second annual Chicagoans of the Year, including a coach who expected victory, a doctor who would not give up, and a musical patriarch who will not put down his guitar

About Face
by Marcia Froelke Coburn
Thanks to the uplifting advances in plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology, time can be on your side.

The Barbarian and the Trader
by Marc Spiegler
Obsessed with his quest for four decades, Merc trader Maury Kravitz thinks he knows where Genghis Khan is buried. Will he ever find what he’s looking for?

Where Eagles Die
by Gretchen Reynolds
Massacre and a mystery toxin in Wisconsin have sabotaged the comeback of the national bird. And as history proves, what’s bad for the bald eagle bodes ill for man.

Accessory to a Bride
by Libby Morse and John McArthur
Bridesmaids’ dresses don’t have to be fashion afterthoughts; they can have their own style and flair.

Private Reserves
by Todd Savage and Dimitre

Small clubs transform the city’s nightlife from crowded to cozy, creating a more civilized vision of fun.



A two-timing actress; basketball’s sister act; arty egos at First Chicago; wood shop for the style conscious; and more

The Goods
by Jennifer Epstein
Warming trends for making it through chilly scenes of winter

by Greg Hinz
Black flight at City Hall; how the wheels came off the downtown trolley; Chicago’s new building boom; and the Trib‘s second thoughts on the Rolando Cruz case

Modern Times
by Marcia Froelke Coburn
On Chicago’s absolutely fabulous fashion beat, two editors add up to one great rivalry.

Stage & Screen
by Penelope Mesic
Chicago filmmaker John Covert gambles all on his first feature – and proves that commerce and art do mix.

Prime Time

Hot dates around town this month

Budget Beat
by Anne Spiselman

Find flavors from all over the world at three new spots right in your own back yard.

by Dennis Ray Wheaton
Two new brasseries, run by star chefs, have quickly become stamping grounds for diners in the know.

Sullivan’s Travels
by Terry Sullivan

So what if Bruce Nevers is in midlife crisis? He loves that Harley – and the tattoo, too.