Water Wars
by David Schonauer

Distant, water-proof states have been eyeing our lake. Can we still consider it, as we once did, a limitless resource?

Pam Zekman’s People
by Jack Star
On the job with Zekman and her investigative team – painstaking work that ultimately illuminates

Bridgeport’s Great White Hope
by Ron Berler
In the 11th Ward, there was only one issue in the mayoral election.

The Power and the Glory
by Henry Hanson
This summer, do as the Romans do: Throw your coins in the fountain and then go to see the treasures of the Vatican at the Art Institute.



by Henry Hanson
Descendants of the underground press surface at the Ambassador West; the Csicsko Kid cuts up; art and politics – a plus and a minus for Chicago’s reputation.

On the Aisle: The Capricious Arts
by Claudia Cassidy
Ever changing, in transit as usual

Audio: The Swiss Don’t Miss
by Rich Warren

And you won’t either if you rely on the quality of Revox components.

Books: The Doctor is Dead
Has justice been done or has Jean Harris been done in by justice?
City: Jesse’s Push for Tradism
by Salim Muwakkil
When the speeches are all over and the TV lights are dimmed, what does Jesse Jackson really accomplish?

The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
As necessity never made a good bargain, we suggest bargain hunting for sport and offer six ways to have a field day.
Photography: Lens Man Shoots to Win
by Joanne Trestrail
Scenes from the subway by Bruce Davidson, the first winner of the Columbia College Award for Excellence in Photojournalism
History: The Thomashefskys of Maxwell Street

by Jim Popkin
From the 1870s to the 1940s, dozens of theatres presented tales of Jewish lore and adaptations of European classics – all in Yiddish.

Movies: Didn’t Kiss, Didn’t Tell
by Dave Kehr
The scandal in this Hitchcock biography centers not on sexual excess but on sexual parsimony.

Travel: The Two Faces of Istanbul
by Elizabeth Jensen
Tourists can sample both European and Asian cultures in Turkey’s capital.

Dining on a Budget: How the Other Half Eats
by Jill and Ron Rohde
Two Latin American favorites where the atmosphere is as robust as the food

Dining on the Town: Five Big Bites of the Big Apple
by Carla and Allen Kelson
A visit to what may be America’s culinary capital leads to some pleasant surprises – and a bad oyster.

The Best of Chicago: Rubble Rouser
by Alan Gross
Meet Walter Ratner – a charming man who specializes in vintage charm.

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