Montgomery for the Defense
by Jack Star

Personal injury lawyers grab the headlines when they win millions for their clients. Insurance lawyer C. Barry Montgomery saves millions for his, and you might never hear about it.

Paper Wars
by Alfredo S. Lanier
In their battle for readers and advertisers, the Tribune and Sun-Times have fired salvos of games, gimmicks, and invective. What else they have in their arsenals is anyone’s guess.

by Alan Gross
How one North Side firm has done the impossible – getting four generations of obstreperous city schoolchildren to wash behind their ears, put on clean white shirts, and smile



by Henry Hanson
A who’s who of cooking gives Abra and Upfront first prize; Upfront‘s premonition of Continental’s problems; Chicagoans starring in Manhattan’s cultural sky

On the Aisle: Abbado with Serkin, Wozzeck
by Claudia Cassidy
Two extraordinary concerts in Orchestra Hall – and other performances of note

Humor: A Farewell to Legs
by Scott Fivelson

If Ernest Hemingway were alive and jogging today, this is how he might write about it.

Travel: America’s Favorite City
by Robert C. Cooper
This month the Democrats will nominate a candidate in San Francisco, a city of eccentrics, natural beauty, and unequaled charm.
Audio: Compact Discs – Not All the Same
by Rich Warren
Those discs of superior quality on the market are coming from a handful of small companies.
Roger Simon: Easy Terms
Money troubles getting you down? Get rich quick with a leveraged buyout.

Art: State of the Art
by Henry Hanson
An inside look at the works commissioned for the State of Illinois Center; taking a twirl in honor of Degas’s 150th birthday; bravos for Chicago collectors’ contemporary Italian paintings
Movies: Comedy Gets Physical
by Dave Kehr
And Steve Martin gets serious about laughs in All of Me.

Chicago As It Was: Those Days of Soda, Pretzels, and Beer
by Perry R. Duis
Before air-conditioned movie houses and Great America, a beer garden was the place to relax and be entertained.

The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
Is it mango-flavored sorbetto you crave or something Art Deco (not mutally exclusive, of course); could we interest you in rubber gloves with polished nails…?

Books: War Games
Where to go and what to do when the bombs drop. Plus: imagining the aftermath

Dining on a Budget: Little Nibbles of the Big Apple
by Jill and Ron Rohde
Helpful strategies for beating astronomical restaurant bills the next time you journey to little old New York

Dining on the Town: Puttin’ Back the Ritz
by Carla and Allen Kelson
In The Dining Room at the Ritz-Carlton, you’ll find the biggest deluxe bargain in town.

The Best of Chicago: It Ain’t Just Pool
by Michael Kiefer
Say goodbye to harsh lights and the smoke-filled room: Chicago Billiard Café brings a bit of Brussels to Irving Park Road.

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