For the Love of Honor and Money
by Adrienne Drell and Larry Weintraub
Two forces shaped the life of Judge Reginald J. Holzer – and ultimately led to his disgrace.

How Long Should I Let it Breathe?
by Patrick W. Fegan
A wine expert confronts some of life’s difficult questions.

Glad Rags
by Alan and Norma Gross
A confessional guide to vintage buying from two seasoned junk-ees

Where Men Become Boys
by David Standish
At comic-book conventions, the prices have grown up, but the fans sure haven’t.

Star Gazer
fiction by Celestine C. Ware
Love knows its bounds.

Kukla, Me, and Ollie
by Donald Corren
Remembering the very special magic of Burr Tillstrom

George Lesmes
by Hal Higdon
There’s the right way and the wrong way to get in shape. Here’s the right way.



by Henry Hanson
McMahon and models cavort for Skrebneski; three new public sculptures become part of Chicago; theatre festival’s a hit and another is in the works.

On the Aisle: By Highways and Byways
by Claudia Cassidy
Find your way to Ravinia, where a truly rich season has begun.

Theatre: Getting into the Act
by Tom Valeo

Actors often run into something that’s not in the script – audience participation.

Movies: Booms and Bombs
by Dave Kehr
The British at work; Americans at play

Travel: Exploring a Viking Capital
by Linda Steffensen
Copenhagen – a lovely old city, with a secret garden behind Tivoli’s walls
M.W. Newman: Fantastic Chicago
If you’re down on the town, a drive with Jane Heron can be exhilarating.

Art: Buddhist Treasures from Todai-Ji
by Henry Hanson
Sacred sculpture, painting, calligraphy, and ritual objects from Japan’s Great Eastern Temple

Books: Crime Stories
Chicago is to crime writers what the public trough is to politicians.

City: Gimme Expedient Shelters
by Penelope Mesic
If we jog along the lakefront, might we outrun the bomb?

The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
An on-Broadway tour of the off-track trendy; house-gift ideas for weekend moochers; and a former foreign correspondent’s idea of the ideal grill

Dining on a Budget: Street Eats
by Annie Spiselman and David Novick
A salute to tortillas, hot dogs, ribs, and other pleasures of sidewalk snacking; also, a Bastille Day guide

The Best of Chicago: Big Boys, Big Toys
by Laura Green
When computer whizzes want to play, they dial Gene Plantz’s number.

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