Unmasking Sneed
by David Jackson

She doesn’t mince words about others, but if you want to know about Mike Sneed herself, you have to read between the lines.

The Goods: Vintage Vanguard
by Marla Donato
Accessories for a sultry summer when what’s old is news

Lies and Whispers
by Marcia Froelke Coburn
If trust turns to suspicions of betrayal, talk to detective Larry Mayer. He’ll let you know if your loved one has gone and done you wrong.

by Colin Westerbeck
Lettuce Entertain You restaurants let you be chic, seen, and part of a theme. Is the man in charge a mastermind or a menace?

Fit to Sit
by Judith Neisser
Furniture made to last by an architect who believes in Mies

Flying Colors
by Henry Hanson and Susan Meyers
Raising flag art to new heights



Journal: Back to Disneyland
by Hillel Levin, editor
Quick-fix entertainment for urban Peter Pans

by David Jackson
The CHA’s bad Samaritans; Sun-Times‘s Guildbusters

by Henry Hanson
Hefner sells Woman; art moguls plot 1992 fair; Gill rhapsodizes on Wright.

Execs: Bill of Fare
by Larry Green
Bill Allen takes the boredom out of buying daily bread

Books: Bright Lights, Bad City
Scott Turow’s first novel carries us through a freakish wonderland of horrors. (Made in Chicago, of course.)

Movies: Stick Out Your Tongue
by Penelope Mesic
For playwright Joe Orton, rottenness was a religion until murder became his mistress.

Theatre: Treating Tragedy
by Bob Daily
Even with issues as serious as AIDS, curtains can rise to the occasion.

Space: Making Goliath Fit
by M.W. Newman
Finally, some new buildings downtown are starting to get things right.

Dining: Messages from Garcia
by Carla and Allen Kelson
A stylish new grill from masters of Mexican cooking and authentic, untrendy cooking from Argentina

Last Call: Muddy Memories
by Dorothy E. Curtis
Sesquicentennial thoughts on “the little village in a mudhole”

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