Split Wit
by Bob Daily

After goosing Hollywood with such megaton hits as Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day, Harold Ramis comes home to Chicago just in time for the release of his latest intellectual comedy. Here’s to highbrow humor.

Haunted By Love
by Dale Eastman
Norman Maclean published A River Runs Through It, his well-loved book of stories, 20 years ago, but the mystery and magic of the man, his gruffness and his grace still hold a lasting spell all their own.

Postmodern Manners
by Lynne Nugent and Cynthia Hanson
A selective guide to etiquette for the 1990s, including: who should pay on the first date, how to tell the hostess you’re veggie, when to tell a one-night stand that he was exactly that, and why you should never head-butt the ref

Earthly Delights
by Dennis Rodkin
You don’t have to fly to England, Japan, or Italy to visit exotic gardens. The Chicago area is a seedbed of public spaces planted with an international feel – a world away, located right next door.

Chilling Out
by Dennis Rodkin
Stress zaps energy, damages the body, and mucks up self-esteem. But there are ways of wrestling this modern-day menace to the ground. A guide to some easy techniques





by Barry Rice
The stories behind five striking works that will deck the MCA’s new halls

The Goods
by Jennifer Epstein

Americana the beautiful in red, white, and blue

First Person
by Andrew Blum
One man’s 15-year quest to find his biological parents – and the results
Stage & Screen
by Penelope Mesic
This made-in-Chicago movie stars an audacious Diamond in the rough.

Real Lives
by Marcia Froelke Coburn
A Naperville woman goes public to defend her right to privacy.
Dining Out
by Dennis Ray Wheaton
The spicy flavors at two local spots are raising temperatures in Chicago.
Going Places
by Anne Spiselman
New attractions have made Navy Pier and North Pier into destinations again.
Sullivan’s Travels

by Terry Sullivan

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