Joys of Summer
Winter was dreadful; spring wasn’t much better. When you live here, celebrating summer should be a civic duty.

101 Great Escapes and Escapades
by Suzanne Chazin, Bob Cooper, Steve Fiffer, Jamie Gilson, Laurie Gottlieb, Alan Gross, Hal Higdon, Gale Kappe, Don Klimovich, Christine Koyama, Alfredo S. Lanier, Judith Neisser, David Novick, Andrew Patner, Brenda Shapiro, Anne Spiselman, and Joanne Trestrail
Everything you need to know to have an absolutely glorious time

The Big Scoop!
by Carla and Allen Kelson
An Elmwood Park shop serves the best ice cream we’ve ever tasted.

Street Eats
by Jill and Ron Rohde
Ten top spots for testing the theory that food tastes better outdoors

Second Skins
by Brenda Shapiro
Something between you and the water, but not much

A Child is Gone
by William Brashier
Every parent dreads that horrible moment when a child doesn’t return.

Rating the Resorts
by Kathleen and Stephen Veenker
Head for a summer weekend in the ills of Illinois or Wisconsin.

How Feminists Failed
Carol Felsenthal
The chances for the Equal Rights Amendment look slim, but it’s never too late to learn that playing politics means playing to win.

The Kisses of Fabricant
Fiction by Lowell B. Komie
Luncheon dates can be as disturbing as rendezvous reserved for dinner.

Living on Their Own
by Jack Star
Helping the elderly remain in their own homes keeps them happy – and saves money.



by Henry Hanson
A bridge party for the river’s new span; a review of a literary dinner for John Updike; dualist Stanley Tigerman’s two shows and a book

William Brashler: A Lonely-guy Crime
That Robert Parker put so much of our tax money into the scented cleavages of assorted floozies should count for something.

City: The Centennial Year of CRS
by Grant Pick

Unflagging support for people in the neighborhoods

Books: Mastering Memorability
Disarmingly simple and simply unforgettable stories from V.S. Pritchett
Movies: New and Noir
by Dave Kehr
Dark nights of the soul make it back into the limelight.

Art: All That’s New and Schnabel, Too
by Henry Hanson
The Art Institute’s 74th American Exhibition pays homage to the avant-garde.
Sports: Will the Cubs Win it for the Gipper?
by Ron Berler
A prominent congressman claims Lee Elia’s boys for the GOP.
Chicago as it Was: Some Monumental Experiences
by Perry R. Duis and Glen E. Holt
As Chicagoans moved outward, they took along their houses, churches, and factories.

On the Aisle: Homage to Stravinsky
by Claudia Cassidy
In his 100th year, a few tales, tall and otherwise

Audio: Still Wired
by Rich Warren
On-the-go stereos that leave your head clear for music

Video: The Mouse that Roars
by Ted Ito
Why Sony thinks Mickey is a rat

Travel: Amsterdam – a City for All Seasons
by Jack Star
Sipping a Heineken at the Rembrandtplein and other pleasures

The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
At last: a slimy-creature squirt gun, a sliding pole for the smalls, painter’s paints signed by the artist

Wine: Lift a Glass to Summer
by Patrick W. Fegan
Four dozen wines that can be chilled and enjoyed in warm weather

Dining on the Town: One-man Bands
by Carla and Allen Kelson
Whether a restaurant makes a joyful noise or not often depends on the conductor.

The Best of Chicago: Sick?
by Alan Gross
Have we got a great Deutsch apotheke for you.

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