Illinois Time Trip
by Lawrence Rand

Meet French dandies, Mormon prophets, starry-eyed idealists, angry miners, and grumpy poets on a stroll through Illinois history.

Illinois Dateline
Illinois celebrates popcorn, pumpkins, pigs, and prairies – here’s a guide to what’s where and when.

A Street Called Main
by Don Klimovich
Take a look at five Illinois towns that became laboratories for shoring up sagging downtosn business districts.

Chicago Guide: Photography
Summer brings out the shutterbug in all of us, and thanks to modern technology, the taking of superb pictures has never been easier. Ted Ito reports on the latest developments – from automatic single-lens reflex cameras to the new superfast films.

So You Want to Open a Restaurant?
by Alfredo S. Lanier
Think of the fame. Think of the money. Think again.

Set on the Ivies
by Carol Felsenthal
Lessons from the real world of the city’s top three private schools

“Sick” Days, Long Lunches, and Cover-ups
by Jack Star
People who drink too much: What does it cost their companies? And what can companies do about it?



by Henry Hanson
visits the fair city of Seville, our sister in 1992; Roger Brown paints three decades of political history; new comic strip illuminates current Chicago politics.

On the Aisle: Music Out of Doors
by Claudia Cassidy
Take out your picnic basket – it’s going to be a lively summer at Ravinia.

Chicago As It Was: To Market, to Market
by Perry R. Duis

Chicago was built on the shores of Lake Michigan, but also on ripening cellars and subterranean bananas.

Sports: Reaching for Basketball’s Brass Ring
by Jeff Lyon
Some college stars find that life after the tournament is a full-court press.

Books: Living on the Wing
A biography that brings us neither the last word nor the first on Tennessee Williams

Movies: Wide Open on the Wide Screen
by Dave Kehr
Get lost in space at John Badham’s new must-see summer movie.
Audio: Sound Illusions
by Rich Warren
Liven up your listening room with speaker magic.
The Goods

by Jamie Gilson
We offer juggling balls for would-be entertainers; goggles for aquatic myopics; an interior designer who welcomes small jobs; a high-tech garden hose for a fashionable lawn.

Wine: Wines Fit for a Pope
by Patrick W. Fegan
Chateauneuf-du-Papes – full and flavorful Rhone reds with a fascinating history

Travel: Driving and Dining Through Brittany
by Michael Sellett
The scenery is spectacular – pink granite cliffs, golden beaches – and so is the food.

Dining on a Budget: Street Eats
by Jill and Ron Rohde
Thick mango shakes, lusty barbecue, and hand-dipped ice-cream bars: carry-out treasures that await you this summer

The Best of Chicago: Giving Peace a Chance
by Judith Neisser
A museum on West Erie Street has an unusual purpose – to make itself obsolete.

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