By Joe
by Brenda Shapiro

Director Joe Sedelmaier’s unique gift is to find humor in just about anything – hamburgers, life insurance, the Illinois State Lottery – and turn it into a 30-second spot.

The Summer Hath its Joys
by Don Klimovich
As ChicagoFest fades slowly into the distance, turn your eyes to Celebrate in Chicago’s line-up of fun for natives and visitors alike. Here’s a sampler of those attractions, plus a peek at what’s going on outside the city.

Teaching with Subtitles
by Alfredo S. Lanier
The rhetoric surrounding the issue of bilingualism points to one inescapable fact: Education has taken a back seat to politics.

Putting the Clamp on Your Medical Costs
by Jack Starr
Stemming the flow of your money hasn’t been easy, but help is on the way.

Does Ruth Love Deserve a Passing Grade?
by Grant Pick
The school superintendent, Ruth Love, has always wanted to be at the top of the heap. The Board of Education is about to decide whether she will remain there.

The Death of Mrs. Rich: A Musical Interlude
fiction by Michael Anania
In a housing project, disaster is a communicable disease that moves, especially in warm weather, like an epidemic

The Wandering Eye
by Joanne Trestrail
Going on vacation? Here are some ideas to pack along with your camera.



by Henry Hanson
A swoop over the Loop in a helicopter ambulance; a look at a book controversy; shuttling off to Florida for fun in the sun

On the Aisle: Theatre or Show Biz
by Claudia Cassidy
Variations on a fascinating theme

Wine: Thirst-Quenching Muscadet
by Patrick W. Fegan

A Muscadet keeps the dryness away.

Audio: Digital Decision on Decks
by Rich Warren
There are  two new designs for digital cassette decks, and your input can help determine which one will be developed.
History: A Little Night Music
by  Michael H. Ebner
Ravinia, from Walter Damrosch to James Levine: There’s no place like it under the stars.
Movies: The Shock of the Immediate
by Dave Kehr
Robert Bressson, L’Argent, and the art of sanctifying horror

Roger Simon: The Road Trip
The next time you think of jetting off somewhere, think twice.
Books: Illusions of Fame

Critical dissent from John Lahr, an Atlantic idea man

Business: Board Games in the Boardroom
by Allen Kelson
An encounter with Japan’s most popular management training tool

Sports: The Measure of a Champion
by Jo Hopkins Deutsch
Former Olympian Willye White passes on the torch to a new generation.

The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
A brass quartet for Hammacher Schlemmer; fife and drum for a bright kid’s idea of paradise; and a siren’s blare for fire buckets, beautiful baskets, an arm’s length of watches for the price of one (and no, they’re not hot!)

Travel: The SoHo Phenomenon
by Alan Gross
Touring the once-dilapidated Manhattan neighborhood that is now one of the world’s centers for the visual arts

Dining on a Budget: Street Eats
by Jill and Ron Rohde
Pounding the pavement for the pleasure of our palates

Dining on the Town: Over-the-Border Bounty
by Carla and Allen Kelson
For the serious eater, Milwaukee offers far more than a brat and a beer.

The Best of Chicago: All the Stage is His World
by Alan Gross
Meet Ed Doepel, a set designer who constructs illusion for a living.

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