Major Water
by Reg Potterton

Sailing on Lake Michigan is serious and sometimes treacherous business.

Milwaukee Avenue: A 50-Mile Journey
by Alan Gross
From the backside of the city to the prairies of northern Illinois is a road filled with dreams – some fulfilled, and many broken.

Mircea Eliade
by Delia O’Hara
The great historian of religions, who died in April at the age of 79, recently discussed his calling – studying expressions of man’s desire to transcend his mortal life.

A Day at the Races
by Roger Simon
Life at the track is a two-act play with a dozen characters.

Summer: A True Confession
by Stanley Elkin
What you stand to win is the action. What you stand to lose is face.



by Henry Hanson
Iacocca, the man who would be President – by appointment; Vancouver’s big hit, Expo 86; pets without Up‘s vote in the Most Wonderful Pet Contest

On the Aisle: The Duchess of Malfi, Lydie Breeze
by Claudia Cassidy
An honest-to-goodness festival, and other pleasures of the stage

Theatre: Bleach Job
by Tom Valeo

White playwrights have a hard time capturing the essential blackness of the black experience.

M.W. Newman: On Matters Black and White
How long must we be a city divided by race?
Audio/Video: What’s New in CD Players?
by Rich Warren
Compact disc players sound remarkably alike, but three are decidedly different.

Books: Cultured Comedy
James Atlas’s life of a literary outlaw
Movies: Brand-New Bugaboos
by Dave Kehr
American culture has more than foreign-made cars to fear.

Travel: Sports, Spas, Sea, and Snow
by Rhonda Holman
Seeing it all in southern Cal – no time to be laid back

City: Socrates Comes to Austin
by Ronni Scheier
An experiment in the public schools has students “shouting to be heard.”

The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
As rare as a day in June: clothes you have to hang up only once; New Orleans beignets on Halsted Street; thirties button bags and couture pliers; and the best-looking little microwaves that ever zapped bacon

Art: Farm Faces
by Henry Hanson
The unsimple life, lovingly shown, in photographic exhibit

Dining on a Budget: To Your Health
by Anne Spiselman and David Novick
Two spots where brown rice isn’t just food but a way of life

Dining on the Town: Up and Down the Avenue
by Carla and Allen Kelson
The Cape Cod Room is less than shipshape, but a newcomer named Buckingham’s is gushing with promise.

The Best of Chicago: Ballads, Blues, and More
by Lawrence Rand
Singer Jim Craig offers his listeners a stylistic smorgasbord.

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