Easy Outs
Nine great escapes for summer weekends – just right for that clean getaway to the country, the beach, or the small-town Midwest

World Tour of Illinois
by Joanne Trestrail
Foreign travel too expensive, time-consuming? We understand! And we want to help!

Rappin’ Lawyer
by Mark Jannot
At the heart of the hottest black music scene in the whole known universe stands Jay B. Ross – attorney at large.

Chicago Story: The Gabardine War
by William Attwood
Almost 50 years ago, a corps of army officers in business suits took to the Loop for a final exam in spy pursuit.

The Stealing of the G.O.P.
by Nina Burleigh
The Republicans have sent an invitation to the city’s white ethnics. Now, is anyone going to the party?



by Hillel Levin, editor
When the political old guard are about to lose, they change the rules of the game.

by David Jackson
The widows’ medallions; slayer of 18 gets three days; $41 worth of France

by Henry Hanson
Down under with the CSO; communing with cross-eyed beauties; the Institute of Design hits 50.

Cyrus Colter’s A Chocolate Soldier – wonderful failure or failed wonder?

Chicago Woman
by Marcia Froelke Coburn
Putting your best face forward, says plastic surgeon Marc Karlan, is a lot like buying a new TV set.

by Anthony Adler
Extended runs notwithstanding, Shear Madness and Pump Boys and Dinettes come up short.

by Penelope Mesic
Czechoslovak filmmakers reunite to remember the rage of a repressive age.

by Carla and Allen Kelson
Four elegant hotels make breakfast an eye-opening experience.

Back Talk
by Henry Hanson
King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, Harry Caray, Peggy Lee, Claire Zeisler

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