Air Wars
by Laurence Gonzales

Because history repeats itself at O’Hare, it’s time – once again – to confront not only the problems of primacy but the price of solving them as well.

Saving a Bundle on Long-Distance Calls
by Jack Star
A comparison of the companies that offer long-distance services as an alternative to AT&T

Money Isn’t Everything
by Brenda Shapiro
Almost-cheap chic for the woman who pays her own way and revels in it

fiction by Robert Flanagan
Clayton’s favorite game at Electric Fantasies never gets boring – and neither does Alma Blessings, his favorite girl.



by Henry Hanson
Forecasting election outcomes with a video machine; the Loop comes alive without a grab bag of Las Vegas acts; Orchestra Hall’s new organ booms out a new American work.

William Brashler: Murderous Facts and Fictions
Pure malice aforethought seemed to be lost to the fatal art – until someone started tampering with Tylenol.

Movies: Violent Prettiness
by Dave Kehr

The Year of Living Dangerously makes social chaos look so serene.

City: Chronicle of a Cop’s Wife
by Alan Gross
For the wives of the city’s patrolmen, the waiting game has a fearful edge.
Books: Radical Passions

This impressively researched biography of Louise Bryant goes far beyond Warren Beatty’s Reds.

by Henry Hanson
From the Netherlands, art of the hearth and home; from Russia, art of rebellion and revolt
The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
Unpredictable urban adventures – the Stevens Building, fifties trivia on Halsted Street, and a stationery store that mingles eatables and antique toys
Audio: Future Stock

by Rich Warren
The winter Consumer Electronics Show features the wonders of seasons soon to come.

Sports: The Blitz Storms Soldier Field
by Dick Whittingham
Prodigal son George Allen is back in town with a new football team.

Wine: Italian Reds from Fog-Topped Hills
by Patrick W. Fegan
Tastings of mature and younger Novarese wines – a bit less hefty but no less interesting than Barolos

History: The Autobiography of South Chicago
by Ann Grimes
Under the smoke of the steel mills, residents rummaged through their attics and pulled out the Southeast Chicago Historical Project.

Travel: Exploring the Peruvian Jungle
by Irene Leahy McMahon
The city of Iquitos, a clearing in a rain forest, is becoming the fastest-growing tourist destination in Peru.

Dining on the Town: Beyond Spaghetti
by Carla and Allen Kelson
Forget the red-and-white-checkered tablecloths. Welcome to the new era of Italian cuisine.

Dining on a Budget: Suburban Bounty
by Jill and Ron Rohde
There’s nothing subtle about this Eastern European food. It’s just good.

The Best of Chicago: Deep-Sea Treasures
by Virginia Smiley
If you can’t get to the tropics this winter, perhaps a visit to the Old Town Aquarium will suffice.

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