New Faces, Old Dreams
by Michael Kiefer

As the city becomes more Hispanic and more Asian, what will that mean for us all?

Murdoch: A Menace to Millions?
by Dan Rottenberg
The controversial press baron and new owner of the Sun-Times is forcing us to re-examine our basic assumptions about the media.

Survival of the Fittest
by Alfredo S. Lanier
The Chicago Academy of Sciences, the city’s “other” natural-history museum, is trying to emerge from obscurity.

Chopin in Winter
fiction by Stuart Dybek
Even when Marcy stopped playing the piano, there was the pure silence that she left behind.

by Brenda Shapiro
From the Japan of haiku, Kabuki, and tea ceremony, a new language of clothing that’s as modern as tomorrow

Edible Art
by Carla and Allen Kelson
How to tackle a tekkamaki and live to tell the tale



by Henry Hanson
Literary mystery is blown up all out of proportion; magazine covers feature political puff pastry; Upfront wonders if he will ever see a highway lovely as a tree

On the Aisle: Looking Back to Richer Plays
by Claudia Cassidy
Death of a Salesman and Candida return to the stage, with mixed success.

Movies: Revving up Reality
by Dave Kehr

Director Ann Hui’s melodramatic drive provokes a rise among critics.

The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
For when the March sun feels like May, we offer places to go: for English country clothes, handmade papers, Tudor antiques, a lovely rummage of old-ish jewelry.
Travel: Touring the Florida Panhandle
by William Brashler
Great golf courses and Southern charm await you in northwest Florida.
Audio: A Sound Gamble
by Rich Warren
The news from CES was crystal clear: Digital paid off.

Roger Simon: A Not-So-Trivial Pursuit
What’s the name of the game? Murder, my friend, murder!

Chicago as it Was: The Scenic Route to the Suburbs
by Perry R. Duis
How Sheridan Road came to be that long and winding road
Art: Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse
by Henry Hanson
A bleak view of mankind’s future from Germany’s postwar generation of artists

Books: A Tale of Tangled Outrage
In Leon Forrest’s new novel, words are everything – both for the author and for the characters.

Dining on a Budget: Get Your Goat
by Jill and Ron Rohde
Whether you crave exotic stews or simple beans and rice, a cozy spot on Howard Street may be the answer.

Dining on the Town: Golden Gate Goodness
by Carla and Allen Kelson
For elegant simplicity, few cooking styles can rival San Francisco-style grilled food.

The Best of Chicago: Paper Moon, Cardboard Sea
by Alan Gross
A very special artistic experience unfolds at Aiko’s.

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