The Ambitious Mr. Kramer
by William Braden

Why has John Kramer’s star been rising so rapidly? He’s charming, he’s a masterful negotiator, and he’s propelled by a passion for success.

HMOs: to the Rescue?
by Jack Star
Should you join the thousands who are rejecting traditional medical insurance for a health maintenance organization?

Sounds of the City
by Andrea D’Alessio
A glimpse of the riches in the historical society’s salute to Chicago’s musical heritage

A Vision of Grandeur for Navy Pier
by Andrew M. Greeley
John David Mooney – sculptor, realist, visionary – calls for the revitalization of our lakefront’s vast, vacant sculpture.

Spring Blooms Very Romantic
by Brenda Shapiro
A man and a woman dress up for the days of spring and summer.

Corporate Life
fiction by Stanley Elkin
If you’re first tier in a second-tier, middle-level growth company, you’re part of one big, happy family of Bakers and boobs.



by Henry Hanson
CSO’s European spotlight proves irresistible to Harold and Big Jim; going home again to Beloit College; Reagan’s reliance on Tennessee Williams

On the Aisle: “Ever-Creating Giant”
by Claudia Cassidy
Celebrating the 300th year of the most stupendous miracle in music

Theatre: The Stage is Set
by Lenny Kleinfeld

Keeping Chicago theatre vital takes more than keeping the box offices busy.

Books: Baseball’s Bad Boy is Back
Jimmy Piersall, broadcaster provocateur, continues his strident saga of gaffes and grief.
City: Pages from the Past
by Michael Kiefer
“We’re getting a new library.” Oh, when did you hear that before?
Chicago As It Was: Sunset Scholars
by Perry R. Duis
For immigrants from abroad and migrants from the South, the road to learning led through Chicago’s night schools.

M.W. Newman: The Dreamer
Oh, how we need another Louis Sullivan!
Movies: Going Home, Going to School
by Dave Kehr
Two American-made movies: the beauty and the bushwa

Travel: A Different Kind of Cruise
by Carla and Allen Kelson
Floating along in luxury on the Burgundy Canal is the best way to combine travel and relaxation.

The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
We shine a beam of light on problems short-term  and chronic, present solutions ingenious for longings practical, alimentary, and nostalgic.

Art: Four for Art’s Sake
by Henry Hanson
Some good-looking shows – Leon Golub, Seymour Rosofsky, the Shapiro Collection, Gilbert and George

Wine: A Most Finicky Grape
by Patrick W. Fegan
Making a good Pinot noir wine in California is a challenge.

Dining on a Budget: Cozy Cafes
by Jill and Ron Rohde
Winter becomes bearable when there’s a warm retreat down the block.

Dining on the Town: New York’s Special Ingredient
by Carla and Allen Kelson
It’s not an herb. It’s not a vegetable. But it’s green.

The Best of Chicago: Leaving Old Stones Unturned
by Jay Pridmore
John Vinci wants to preserve our architectural gems – and he’s willing to fight about it.

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