No Escape: The Endless Dreams of Elgin
by Laurence Gonzales

Holding on – or losing it all – at the state of mental-health center

Dressing Like a Woman
by Brenda Shapiro
After all those mannish suits and “dress-for-success” looks, there was bound to be a revolt. Finally, women are secure enough to reaffirm their femininity.

Del Close
by Lenny Kleinfeld
The brilliant comedian, director, and actor reflects on drugs, demons, and self-discovery.

Almost Carnegie Hall
by Alan Gross
For more than a century, it has served the city’s greatest artists as studio and stage, so why doesn’t the Fine Arts Building get more respect?



by Henry Hanson
The Year of the Rabbit bounds in; Chicago’s Aspen connection is celebrated; and a new vaudeville features the mother and father of us all.

On the Aisle: Performance as Open Sesame…
by Claudia Cassidy
Orchestral eloquence, theatrical ghosts, the promise of Pavarotti

City: Safe House
by Robert McClory

Paulina House is a home – where young victims of sexual exploitation relearn self-esteem.

Books: Altered Egos
In Morris Philipson’s new novel, the busy underworld of art meets the dizzy real world of self-doubt.
Theatre: Organic Chemistry
by Tom Valeo
Experimental theatre still has a home on Clark Street.
Art: Portraits of Poise
by Henry Hanson
John Singer Sargent’s worldly vision of high – and low – society

The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
Fancy aquariums for people who like stationary pets and art that moves; F.L. Wright revisited; and an old new shop on Halsted
The Best of Chicago: The Words Count, Too
by Karin B. Gordon
Mirella Cimato Smith teaches proper operatic diction.

Dining on the Town: A Classy Italian Dive
by Carla and Allen Kelson
The accent’s on earthy Italian food.

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