The Executioners
by Laurence Gonzales

Double murderer Charles Walker may deserve to die, but who deserves to kill him?

Mothers and Fathers of Invention
by Tom Hall
Can Donald Moyer and his band of closet Edisons bring ingenuity to a dull and stubborn world?

Chicago Story: The Instincts of a News Gal
by Daniel Santow
When the Daily News folded, its employees scattered to the four winds. But they all drop Margaret Whitesides a line.

Brassy Beverly
by Marla Donato
Barry Crown was at the top of her wish list, and when she got him she got it all – diamonds and barbells and shares in General Dynamics.

City Living
Old ideas in new interiors; cook-ahead dinners for close friends; a guide to specialty food stores



Journal: Butchers of Men
by Hillel Levin, editor
No killing can be undertaken lightly; no death can be presumed painless

by David Jackson
Erwin France arrives; Joe Tillman refuses to leave; Guido Marzullo talks trash (and poetry).

by Henry Hanson
Art Institute honors Georgia O’Keeffe; sculptors blast books with buzz saws; Cathy’s panties travel abroad.

Theatre: Homages to Brecht
by Anthony Adler
Chicago Cabaret and Remains Theatre ensembles attempt Brechtian drama.

Books: Courtship by Mail
Carl Sandburg’s letters to his dream girl are easy to make fun of – but easier to envy.

Execs: Ralph Wanger’s Weakness
by Lisa Kartus
When is a mutual fund like a literary magazine?

Chicago Woman: The Love Machine
by Marcia Froelke Coburn
The scene was bright lights, big-city carnival. The sensation was beyond belief.

Movies: Jane’s Big Job
by Penelope Mesic
Workaholics take everything too seriously, which explains all the fuss about Broadcast News.

Dining: Hits not to Miss
by Carla and Allen Kelson
First-rate dishes worthy of seconds

Back Talk
by Henry Hanson
Mary Ella Smith; Carlotta; Margie Korshak; and Roy “Mr. Teflon” Plunkett

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