Crowded Skies
by Gretchen Reynolds

Chicago has the busiest, most efficient airspace in the world. But delayed flights and a rash of “near misses” and radar failures have raised troubling questions. Are our skies safe? Why are so many flights late? Will a third airport help? An inside look at how the city’s airports work – and sometimes don’t

Clothes Encounters
by Joanne Trestrail
Inspiration is where you find it, and this spring we find it right here – with fresh looks for the season from some of Chicago’s top fashion designers.

The Doyenne of Dish
by Marcia Froelke Coburn
After she was fired by the Sun-Times, society columnist Ann Gerber found a new forum for her self-styled brand of chatty, catty gossip. Wrapped in sable, she lets the fur fly as it may.

In Your Face
by Anthony Adler
Annoyance Theatre, that “Island of Misfits” over on Broadway, is packing them in here and in New York with its indecorous, frontal-attack style.

Rise and Dine
by Dennis Ray Wheaton
Beat the egg McBlob blues by starting the day with a champion breakfast. Here are seven for a week of breakfasts worth crowing about.



A judge’s sexy book, a designer’s new bag, and a party that’s all the rave; plus, Scoops du Jour, by Carla Kelson

Art Works
by Henry Hanson
Inner looks at artists; the serious pleasures of ballet; juvenilia on 25 cents a day

Prime Time
Hot dates around town this month

by Kim Nauer
Everyone from Michael Milken to Robert Bork will be following the upcoming trader-trial appeal.

by Dennis Rodkin
Is Channel 2’s new management bad news?

Chicago Woman
by Marcia Froelke Coburn
Nice Guys finish last – and lonely.

by Penelope Mesic
The Asian invasion – new films from the Far East

by Ron Dorfman
Chicago according to Jane Byrne; Harold Washington’s battle for City Hall

by Terry Sullivan
How to fill that hole on State Street, keep the Bears in town, and let every fan feel like Mike McCaskey

by Anthony Adler
Was Theatre Oobleck’s latest satiric play also its last?

Real Estate

by Dennis Rodkin
Mayflower Place, the pedigreed crown jewel of Lake Forest

by David Novick
West African dining: a real adventure

Back Talk
by Henry Hanson
Ira Colitz, Liberace, Leslie Hindman, Jean Joho