Chicago: City on the Make
by Nelson Algren with an introduction by Studs Terkel

An excerpt from a new edition of the infamous book about this lovable, loudmouth town

Chicago’s Gung Ho Media Baron
by Dan Rottenberg
Rance Crain would be unhappy if he couldn’t keep starting new publications. Nowadays he’s a very happy man.

What’s Right About Living with Wright
by Judith Neisser and Brenda Shapiro
Frank Lloyd Wright’s wonderful houses on the prairie only get better with age.

Retouching the Masters
by Brent Staples
Barry Bauman lays his hands on Rembrandts. But it’s all in the service of art.

God’s Most Happy Fella
by Alan Gross
For just 90 cents you can board the Happy Miracle Bus and “ride with God’s people upon God’s green earth.”

A Bridge Over the River Chi…
by Joanne Trestrail
In the two and a half years our newest bridge was under construction at Columbus Drive, photographer Archie Lieberman and his camera were never very far away.

Snow White and Several Dwarfs
fiction by John Casey
A story about three great guys who drop in for dinner at a restaurant owned by a great big redhead

The King of Deep-Dish Pizza
Dan Rottenberg
Ike Sewell’s Pizzerias Uno and Due are legendary, and only the beginning.



by Henry Hanson
Michigan’s Harbor Country, where Chicagoans’ second homes sprout; a dazzeling Dubuffet joins our public sculpture; the mayoral race brings out the bigots.

The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
In the nature of a traveler’s guide, including time travel, an afternoon’s adventure, and a spa within driving distance

Movies: Basics of Bullheadedness
by Dave Kehr

A dreamy new film from James Toback, a director who isn’t afraid to look silly

Chicago As It Was: The Mad Dash of May First
by Perry R. Duis
From broken leases to glowing embers – the  moving-day ritual in Chicago
by Henry Hanson
In May, we celebrate the works of young artists – Richard Willenbrink, 29, and Louise Nevelson, 83 – and welcome the art world to Navy Pier.

Audio: Principles of Power
by Rich Warren
Getting all you need without cashing in your Commonwealth Edison stocks to acquire it
Books: Report from the Heart

Joan Didion’s Salvador, a book of dark scenes made clear as crystal
Travel: Discover Toronto’s Diversity

by Don Klimovich
There’s no better time than in June, when the city celebrates its rich ethnic heritage.

Dining on a Budget: Oh, Calcutta!
by Jill and Ron Rohde
Two Indian spots that may curry your favor

Dining on the Town: Eating Early, Eating Well
by Carla and Allen Kelson
Reward your palate and your pocketbook with a special pre-theatre dinner.

The Best of Chicago: Adults Only
by David Standish
Two hometown boys know that comics are too important (and too funny) to be left to the kids.

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