A Pier Without Peer
by Henry Hanson

Lake-view preview: introducing the fifth Chicago International Art Exposition

Coming in from the Cold
by Christopher Lyon
After 50 years of benign neglect, Chicago artists are being given their due. What effect will recognition have on the art they produce?

Artists by Number
by David Jackson and Tony Soluri
Showing off Chicago’s fine-art faces

By Art Possessed
by Christopher Lyon
It takes more than money to collect art: It takes time, intuition, and a need to be surrounded by beautiful things.

The Galleries
North Side, South Side, all around the town, there are spaces to see fine art: three pages of maps

School for Prominence
by Franz Schulze
Where the best grow bold: on the rise at the School of the Art Institute

Chicago Images
by Henry Hanson
The city makes news in art.

The Art Police
by David Jackson
Eight local critics talk about what guides their judgment and perceptions.



by Henry Hanson
Out among and up above wild animals in Kenya; an outing at Graceland Cemetery; out on the dance floor, celebrating Reverend Greeley’s new best seller

On the Aisle: Pleasures, Perils of Going Places
by Claudia Cassidy
After performance – some of the things that linger

Movies: Reeling in Berlin
by Dave Kehr

Messages from the first-look international film festival

Commentary: Zapping Pac-Man
by David Standish
The collapse of the video-game market might signal great changes for America – like a return to pinball.
Theatre: La Grande Jatte On Broadway
by Alan Gross
You can make a musical about just about anything – even a treasure from the Art Institute.
Chicago as it Was: Art for the People, by the People
by Perry R. Duis
Signs of the times: From Lane Tech to Cook County Hospital, the art on the walls reminds of the WPA
Books: When is a Nose not a Nose?

An indictment from a Freudian who says he knows

The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
In the spirit of perfection: the quintessential brownie, the most beautiful of painted platters, the ultimate market for old salts, and a construction set for the children of Gargantua and Pantagruel

Audio: Japan’s Thomas Edison
by Rich Warren
How the personal vision of one man shaped an electronics giant

Roger Simon: Mr. Plotkin Dissenting
A journalistic breakthrough rivaled only, perhaps, by the publication of the Pentagon Papers

Travel: Happy 450th, Quebec!
by Don Klimovich
This summer Canadians will host a two-month-long birthday bash. The guest list includes the Tall Ships.

Dining on a Budget: A Lark on Clark
by Jill and Ron Rohde
Where the young and the restless are eating these days

Dining on the Town: Italian Renaissance
by Carla and Allen Kelson
The Florentine Room may look the same, but the work of its kitchen has improved dramatically.

The Best of Chicago: Reunion Gurus
by Roberta Katchen Stein
For Judy and Shel Norris, getting together is not only fun, but profitable.

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