When Women Mean Business
by Grant Pick

Women’s networks are flourishing in the workplace – and it’s about time.

My Tuxedo: A Meditation
by Stanley Elkin
Secrets of being civilized in black and white

Chicago’s Cultural Showman
by Henry Hanson
This is the month for Art Expo, and John D. Wilson is the man who makes the phenomenon happen.

The Pride of Chicago
by Alan Gross
Thirteen objects that bear the unmistakable stamp of our city

Keeping up the Storefront
by Judith Neisser
The newest approach to retail: Don’t mind the store; buy it, remodel it, and move in.

The Last of the Red-Hot Colonels
by Gwen Morgan and Arthur Veysey
Excerpts from Poor Little Rich Boy, the story of Colonel Robert R. McCormick’s words and deeds and considerable influence

View From KWAJ
fiction by Patricia MacInnes
Ways of watching the bomb go off

Where’s the Action?
by Steve Fiffer
Whether it’s a bookie or a bartender, someone’s always ready to take your bet on anything from the sixth at Arlington to the Super Bowl.



by Henry Hanson
Big Jim hosts St. Pat’s party in Beijing; Upfront plays with the stars at Oscar time a new book about the sixties, a nose-thumbing and noble chapter in U.S. history

On the Aisle: Cats and other People
by Claudia Cassidy
Cats is a land-office hit, and in the end innocent and somehow disarming.

Theatre: Looks, Looks, Looks
by Lenny Kleinfeld

Aidan Quinn got top billing in Wisdom Bridge Theatre’s production of Hamlet, but director Robert Falls was the real star

M.W. Newman: To Have and to Have Not
If you think Chicago is that different from New York, San Francisco, or even Rome, think again.
Chicago As It Was: Life of a Salesman
by Perry R. Duis
The saga of the commercial traveler contained phony Irishman, Gideon Bibles, and countless barren hotel rooms.
Audio: Compact Discs on Wheels
by Rich Warren
CDs sound better than the best cassettes, and now you can play them in your car.

Books: The Odd and the Grisly
Tales of death, dismemberment, and Hugh Hefner’s first funeral
Movies: Twelve Days in the Dark
by Dave Kehr
Coming soon from Berlin – chancy material and moments of hard-won peace

Travel: Ten for the Road
by Jane Samuelson
The next-best thing to a friend who’s been there and back, our travel editor shares her best ideas for planning a special trip.

City: Alternatives to Trial
by Ronni Scheier
For minor disputes, the mediation table may be more suitable than the courtroom.

The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
Such merrymaking for May: a giant Cubs hat for the rain; a new edition of Baby’s first diary; a passage to India for the homebound; and exotic rubber stamps

Art: A Gaggle of Galleries
by Henry Hanson
Twelve places besides Navy Pier to take in some art this month

Dining on the Town: Pondering the Pasta Palaces
by Carla and Allen Kelson
After a recent trip to Italy, it’s time to take a hard look at our most fashionable Italian eateries.

The Best of Chicago: Trophies’ Choice
by Alan Gross
Whether it’s an Oscar, an Emmy, or a Clio, Owen R. Siegel, the Santa of the statuette, has crafted them all.

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