Staging a Coup
by Lenny Kleinfeld
A backstage look at the Sturm und Drangund fun – of putting together the Chicago International Theatre Festival

A Trip to the Barber
by Alan Gross
In praise of the honest haircut and a noble ritual of manhood in Chicago

Linda Van Horn
by Laura Green
Want to eat right, stay fit, live longer? A noted dietitian offers some answers.

The Waning of the Middle Ages
fiction by Eugene Wildman
When the going gets tough, the tough get on the phone.

Neon Lights Up the Night
by David Linden and Joanne Trestrail
In shop windows all over the city, glowing reminders of a glorious gas

Ode to the Sneaker
by Michael Kiefer
‘Tis the season to lace up, get set, and ruminate a bit on soles with soul.

City-Garden Smart
by Nancy Adams and Brenda Shapiro
How to turn a plain back yard into a miniature estate

The Weather and Us
by James Krohe, Jr.
It matters less what the weather is than how it makes you feel – and other insights from a seasoned observer.

Hitting the Streets with a Private Eye
by Jack Star
Ernie Rizzo has a reputation as the best – and he knows all the tricks of the trade.



by Henry Hanson
Chicago culture flowers in Japan; River City – an increased sense of community for middle-income taxpayers; at lunch with the Freehlings, talking cookbooks and fund raising.

On the Aisle: May Basket for the Joffrey Romeo
by Claudia Cassidy
A changeling has vanished and magical theatre has returned.

Movies: Reeling in Berlin
by Dave Kehr
Still more baffling moments in film history

Theatre: Seating Plans
by Tom Valeo

Can offering cut-rate tickets build a new and bigger audience for Chicago theatre?

Books: Anchors and Absurdities
New and selected poems from a sophisticated country boy
M.W. Newman: Columbia’s Crusade

Our subway town gets a subway school with plenty of street savvy.
Travel: TripTips
by Jane Samuelson
Minnesota in the spring – a likely, lovely vacation destination

The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
Hot diggety dog, it’s the real thing; ditto an English dibble, an old-fashioned swing, a perennial nursery par excellence with flowers wild and tame, ten varieties of basil, and more.

Art: On and Off the Pier
by Henry Hanson
Art Expo ’86 knocks our socks off; a flurry of Miesiana, in honor of a birthday.

City: The Latest Lost Generation
by Ben Joravsky
Despite renewed efforts, the city still has no handle on the criminal activities of street gangs.

Dining on a Budget: Filipino Journey
by Anne Spiselman and David Novick
Attention, those with an adventuresome spirit: The exotic tastes of an island nation await.

Dining on the Town: Does the West Know Best?
by Carla and Allen Kelson
California cooking heads east – with some superb and oh-so-precious results.

The Best of Chicago: Map Man
by Judith Neisser
Kenneth Nebenzahl can steer you to a New World – of drama, craftsmanship, history, and adventure.

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