When Less is More
by Ted Ito

The new generation of mini-TVs may be as revolutionary as the Walkman.

The Doctor is In
by Jack Star
The new freestanding medical centers are attracting patients away from traditional places for treatment. Here comes a medical-care revolution.

Coming Out and Moving On
by Alfredo S. Lanier
Life in Chicago’s gay community is marked by noticeable progress and lingering dilemmas.

The Best of Dines
by Carla and Allen Kelson
Three courses for those who love to eat – our readers’ poll of favorite restaurants, mini-reviews of the winners, and great soup recipes from several of the top establishments

Riverview: Wonderland on Western Avenue
by Joseph Sander
If Disneyland is a squeaky-clean McDonald’s, Riverview was a greasy-spoon diner. But Chicago’s very own amusement park still evokes fond memories.

The Struggle to the Top
by Andrew Patner
Three black businessmen describe the key to success and the responsibilities that come with it.

A Commitment to Grit
by Michael Anania
The city’s life in letters – a story of intellectual agility, mysterious forces and monsters, hoodoo, and a rare brand of rhapsody

Broadway Heartburn
by Alan Gross
The next time you think you’d like to be a playwright, take two aspirin and call your agent in the morning.

The Goods: Doing Well by Doing Good
by Jamie Gilson
Museum-store gifts are three-way treats – the shopper gets a how, the museum gets a donation, and the giftee gets something wonderful!

How I Got That Shot
by Joanne Trestrail
Three outstanding photographers speak out on the most elusive subject of all – creativity.

Winter Travel
For Chicagoans, a winter vacation is not a luxury, but a necessity. So the question isn’t whether to escape, but where. Our antidotes for freezing temperatures include Palm Springs, Miami Beach, Morocco, and Barbados. Plus a report on time sharing, the newest development in vacation planning



by Henry Hanson
A splendid opening at Lyric – never mind no elephants; travels with Jesse, master of repartee; chef Leslee takes her oysters to Julia’s.

On the Aisle: Launching the New Season
by Claudia Cassidy
Opera, theatre, film – looking for the real thing of quality

Roger Simon: Please Don’t, Belch

The career of a dining critic can collapse as suddenly as the most ethereal soufflé.

Movies: Open to the Unknown
by Dave Kehr
Unforgettable reminders of why films – and the Toronto film festival – exist
Art: Neumann and the Tradition of the New
by Henry Hanson
Two current shows – at the Smart Gallery and the Terra Museum in Evanston – prove that a collector’s enthusiasm for the avant-garde need never wane.
Chicago as it Was: The Lobster Died in Cleveland
by Perry R. Duis
How the palates of the West were won; with stops at Chicago’s grand old dining establishments
Wine: Armagnac, the Brandy of Gascony
by Patrick W. Fegan
It has its diehard adherents, just as Cognac does, and if you’ve never tried it, now’s the time.

Audio: The Dragon’s-teeth Challenge
by Rich Warren
Nakamichi’s new cassette deck bows to no one.

Books: Forged in Injustice
Reading this history of four black leaders, you can almost hear Leontyne Price singing Deep River at the Lincoln Memorial.

Media: The Golden Touch of Jules Herbuveaux
by John McDonough
How one man brightened the picture of Chicago television – all too briefly.

Dining on a Budget: Cowboy Cookin’
by Jill and Ron Rohde
Substantial fare comes to the wild, wild Middle West

The Best of Chicago: Fighting Without Fear
by Judith Neisser
Why the life and work of one woman may well be an inspiration to us all

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