Quake: The Chicago-New Madrid Connection
by Jack Star

What would a large earthquake along the New Madrid Fault do to Chicago?

Dream Dishes, Memorable Meals
by Carla and Allen Kelson
Our readers choose their favorite restaurants, and we suggest what to order.

Halsted Street: All the Way from Bleak to Chic
by Robert C. Cooper
Through the old and the new, the humdrum and the strange, this street shows us where the city’s going and where it’s been.

Sweet Times for Searle
by Dan Rottenberg
How a CEO known as “the smiling shark” and the discovery of NutraSweet catapulted G. D. Searle to success

Lament for a Lotto Winner
by Alfredo S. Lanier
Winning the lottery is everyone’s fantasy, so why isn’t Jim Easter smiling?

Manarchy’s Men
by Joanne Trestrail
What Happens when a Chicago photographer takes aim at another Chicago photographer-among others?

Gray Among the Gargoyles
by Carol Felsenthal
Hanna Gray was known for her Henry Kissinger imitation even before she became president of the U. of C. Now she’s better known for her hot temper and bold competence.

by Garnett Payne Kilberg
Frank would be a different sort of man, of course-and safe.

The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
To make the thought count for more, 34 smashing presents, each one $24 or less

Special Section

Home Entertaining for the Holidays

In Praise of the Buffet
by Judith Neisser

Drop-dead party suggestions and lively recipes for the season

To Go
by David Novick and Anne Spiselman
Dazzle them with splendid spreads culled from our best delis and takeout shops

Help (And Where To Get It)
by Laurie Levy
When you can’t do it alone-here are the magic numbers

Holiday Cheer
by Patrick W. Fegan
Does trockenbeerenauslese go with turkey?



by Henry Hanson
Two eager early starters vie for a Senate seat; dazzling lights at the end of the tunnel at O’Hare’s CTA terminal; art fights Capone image at sculpture show.

On the Aisle: Lyric’s Subtle Onegin
by Claudia Cassidy
Most of the time, a triumph on the stage and in the pit

Movies: Quirks of Quality
by Dave Kehr

Toronto’s best-beyond subtitled thumbsuckers.

Art: Lasting Impressions
by Henry Hanson
The beauty of rural France; the raucous vitality of Jean Dubuffet; and Chicago photographer Barbara Crane
Audio: Driving Under the Influence
by Rich Warren
Diversity reception brings great FM sound to car stereos.
Roger Simon: A Question of Lint

It’s fall once again, which of course means a very friendly letter from the condo board.
Chicago as it Was: Separate Tables
by Perry R. Duis
Black waiters took their orders with flair. But they were by no means servile.

Travel: Volcanic Vacation
by Joanne Trestrail
Palm fronds, muumuus, and guava nectar

Books: Wild Loves, Intricate Lives
Intrepid honesty and unsentimental devotion from Louise Eldrich

Dining on the Town: When You Have a Yen
by Carla and Allen Kelson
The austere pleasures of Hatsuhana are hard to duplicate.

Dining on a Budget: Basic Yearnings
by Jill and Ron Rohde
Where the crying need for spaghetti with meat sauce can be assuaged

The Best of Chicago: Look Ma, No Hands
by Alan Gross
Here’s where to go when you want to play like Panderewski

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