Critics’ Choice
by Carla and Allen Kelson

Our dining reviewers offer an eclectic list of their favorite restaurants for ’86 as well as heartthrobs and heartburns.

Richard Marohn
by Michael Kiefer
The problems of teen-agers are never easy to solve – for them or their parents.

The Bikers Express
by Tom Hall
They cross the Loop in four minutes, dodging pedestrians and taxis, doing 8,000 drops a day.

The Bad Boy of Art
by Marcia Froelke Coburn
Ed Paschke is not a man who pulls his punches – not artistically, at least.

The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
With the holidays in mind, a small selection of singular gifts from places that specialize in one-of-a-kind surprises

75th Street
by David Jackson
Time to take in a jazz joint, a bit of barbecue, and just talk

The Unofficial Census
by Penelope Mesic
The secret desires of some people we’re glad we know

fiction by Russell Banks
You ought to be able to move on in your dreams just as you move on in your life.

Rock Around the Block
by Studio B and Joanne Trestrail
Four young photographers make noise with their cameras and set the city on its ear.

Risky Business
by Ellyn E. Spragins
A look at the Chicago venture capitalist’s high-wire act

The New Parents
by Judith Neisser
The difficult task of the eighties: juggling a baby bottle and a briefcase



by Henry Hanson
A proposal to plant the new library in a park; letting it all hang out on the Big Jim and Adlai shows; antinuke groups suggest mutual verification of no testing.

On the Aisle: Voices, Conductors, Stagecraft
by Claudia Cassidy
In search of great joys in the new season

Movies: Sex and Civilization
by Peter Keough

In Toronto, for real squalor, brutality, doom, and despair, one must go to the movies.

Theatre: A Penny for Your Plots
by Tom Valeo
So far, the boom in Chicago theatre has been a bust for local playwrights.
Art: Golden Contradictions
by Henry Hanson
Fragments of the self from a Greek person but an Italian artist, and other events of note
Audio/Video: Small’s the Word
by Rich Warren
JVC and Zenith have introduced VHS camcorders that weigh in at only three pounds.

M.W. Newman: Meet Mr. No-Name
Why do we avoid – and fear – street people?
Travel: Civilized City on the Sound
by Robert C. Cooper
There’s much to see and do in Seattle and its sensational surroundings.

Books: Terkel on the Town
The meaning behind the city’s muscle

City: The Last Frontier
by Ed Zotti
On the Near South Side, vast acres of land lie fallow, and a little vision could go a long way.

Dining on a Budget: Fowl Deeds
by Anne Spiselman and David Novick
The luck of finding the perfect Eastern European duck

The Best of Chicago: A Tribute to a Life of Caring
by Florence Hamlish Levinsohn
A the Hull-House Museum, the deeds of Jane Addams live on.;

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