Great Dining ‘96
by Dennis Ray Wheaton and Anne Spiselman

To uncover the latest in munchies, martinis, and masterpieces, our dining experts ate their way through dozens of restaurants – from exciting new gems to comfortable old favorites – and all to pique your culinary curiosity. Plus: Is the pen mightier than the fork? Ted Allen moderates a critics’ cook-off.

Going Solo at Trio
by Ted Allen
Adoring diners and critics heaped praise on Evanston’s toniest restaurant for two years before the three-way partnership abruptly fell apart. Today, Trio’s proprietor and his two departed chefs still haven’t quite cooled off.

The Golden Meanies
by Jonathan Eig and Cynthia Hanson
Meanness, a trait that helped build Chicago into a sprawling, brawling metropolis, is alive and kicking in the city today. Meet 17of the baddest – and in many cases most highly effective folks in town.

Murder in Paradise
by Leah Eskin
A Chicago man convicted this year of pushing his second wife off a hotel in Antigua has been sentenced to hang. Now, as he awaits the gallows, his eldest daughter no longer wonders who killerd her mother 12 years ago.

Fashion: Tender is the Night
photography by Tom Maday
This year’s evening wear takes a novel turn, with lush, slinky sheaths paired with heavenly jewels worthy of a Jazz Age heroine.





Real Lives
by Marcia Froelke Coburn
Fisher Stevens hooks a TV series.

The Bold Soprano
interview by Liz Phair

Catherine Malfitano talks with a fan about her new Lyric Opera role.

by Jill Riddell
Canada geese are flocking to Chicago, and some suburbanites are honking mad.
by Adam Cohen
Flashback: Did Richard J. Daley put in the big fix for John F. Kennedy?

The Goods
by Jennifer Epstein
Shaken, not stirred – with a twist

Welcome to Schwimmerville
by Penelope Mesic
Actor Davis Schwimmer gets by – and flies high – with a little help from his friends.
Going Places
by Anne Spiselman
Small-town ease sprinkled with big-city sass makes for an urban escape, Hinsdale-style.
Sullivan’s Travels

by Terry Sullivan
Which goes first? At John’s Poultry, it’s whichever turkey you condemn.

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