Great Dining ‘97
by Dennis Ray Wheaton and Anne Spiselman
Is Cajun hot or not? How haute can you get? Ever passionate about finding great food, our expert reviewers stuffed themselves silly in search of dining enlightenment. Plus, Tara Croft asks: Can top chefs enjoy cheap chow?

Dangerous Memories
by Cynthia Hanson
A North Shore woman’s recollection under hypnosis of sexual abuse by her older brother prompted her parents to sue her therapist for planting false memories. A bitter trial yielded much grief – but few answers.

Men Behaving Badly
by Ted Allen
How do masters of the universe unwind? Seven of them become easy riders, terrorizing the Mediterranean by motorcycle during one hedonistic week of wine, women, and heroic snoring.

Ten Seconds in the Dark
by Jonathan Eig
On a test mission in May, Captain Amy Lynn Svoboda slammed her A-10 jet into the desert floor. The Air Force investigated, and Svoboda, a Glen Ellyn native who rarely failed in life, faced another great challenge after her death.

Fashion: Spirits in the Material World
photography by Udo Spreitzenbarth
The Titanic has resurfaced – not as a musical or a movie, but as an old ship awakened by an ethereal collection of fashionable souls.




A minute with Peter O’Toole; a lesbian dance club dies; why Cops is a bust here

Power Lines
by Marc Spiegler
Will the South Side overrun the North? Plus, overkill on downtown’s honorary streets

Stage & Screen
by Penelope Mesic
Defiant Theatre stages an evening of panic attacks and toxic shock.

Real Lives
by Marcia Froelke Coburn
River North gallery owners get crabby about a fishy restaurant.

Penn Ultimate
by Abigail Foerstner
Ready for a close-up? The Art Institute shows off its prize photos.


by Jennifer Schulze
Local TV stations increasingly are studying public opinion to shape the news.

Going Places
by Anne Spiselman
A cluster of hip shops and stops follow the crowd to a new mecca.

Sullivan’s Travels
by Terry Sullivan
No longer total losers, the Wildcats have inflicted a new pox on Evanston: the color purple.