Let Us Now Praise Catholic Schools
by Alfredo S. Lanier

The way the parochial schools are educating growing numbers of minority children offers some important lessons for all of us.

The Schools Under Bernardin: What to Expect
by Dale Keiger
After years of autocratic rule, Chicago gets an Archbishop who seeks a consensus.

by Jack Star
A writer looks back at the man who made his world possible.

Winner of The Nelson Algren Award: The World’s Greatest Fisherman
Fiction by Louise Erdrich
When there is a death in the family, the survivors carry on and then continue on. But for some the harm cannot be helped; the loss lingers loudly.

Bar Time with the Doninger’s Regulars
by David Standish
Order a shot and a beer and start shooting the breeze – the man on the next stool may be your neighbor.

Winter Travel
Exploring the mysteries of Mexico’s Pacific coast; exploding the myths about the Colorado Rockies; revealing the haunts of our town’s most savvy travelers

Chicago Guide: Home Electronics
Thanks to the new technology, how we keep ourselves informed and entertained will never be the same. Danny Goodman, Rich Warren, and Ted Ito report on the latest developments in the personal-computer, audio, and video fields and tell us why we might never have to leave our homes again.



by Henry Hanson
Archbishop Bernardin finds that Chicago is his kind of town; Sinatra says those are his sentiments exactly; and the two racing for governor hope they can say the same.

William Brashler: Not Working
Do you really need the job if you don’t need the money?

Wine: Good Values in Red Bordeaux
by Patrick W. Fegan

In stocking up, don’t overlook the solid and dependable 1979s.

The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
In the month of the Great Pumpkin, you can learn about having babies after 30, make plans to go to an antiquarian book fair, discover Latin American folk art, enjoy the treats of redecorating – you and your rooms.

Art: Suitable for Framing
by Henry Hanson
Will Oldenburg’s “Picasso cuff link” poster someday rival Toulouse-Lautrec chantoosies?

Movies: Exploitation for Everyone
by Dave Kehr
If you’re white-collar, blue-collar, or even a suburban teen-ager, this film was made for you.
Books: Liebling’s Last Laughs

A volume of vitriol from the man who called Chicago a curdled New York

On the Aisle: Eyeing the New Season
by Claudia Cassidy
What’s coming, and a few  sighs for what’s not

Chicago as it Was: The Tale of the Tin Goose
by Perry R. Duis and Glen E. Holt
Chicago’s Preston Tucker peddled a car that captivated thousands of Americans. Unfortunately, he only built a model.
Sports: The Curse of Cubness
by Ron Berler
Exiles from Wrigley Field have played leading roles in almost every recent World Series – for the losers.

Dining on a Budget: Great Catches
by Jill and Ron Rohde
The best shrimp cocktails we’ve ever tasted – and more

Dining on the Town: Deli Delights and Disapointments
by Carla and Allen Kelson
Chicken soup and matzoh balls get very fancy-shmancy.

The Best of Chicago: The Man Who Invented Frango Mints
by Jamie Gilson
New Jersey had Edison, but we’ve got Herbert Knechtel.

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