The Man Who Wants to Break the Mold
by David Moberg

Despite a hostile opposition and a failure to make his cause understood, Mayor Harold Washington seems intent on changing the shape of politics in Chicago.

Doctors’ Doctors
by Grant Pick
We asked physicians which specialists they would go to and came up with these 40 outstanding doctors, worthy representatives of the top medical talent in our city.

A Lifetime of Waiting
by Alfredo S. Lanier
The case of Paul Crump, who killed a man in 1953 and has been in prison ever since, is one of the strangest in the state’s history.

Winner of The Nelson Algren Award: Duplex
fiction by B.H. Friedman
Portrait of a marriage, its needs, and its treasures

Quiet Times for a Tough Cop
by Jack Star
It’s easy for police to become complacent in the low-crime town of Oak Lawn. But, warns the chief, that’s exactly when you can get hurt.

A Soup of Sight and Sound
by Joanne Trestrail
To some, Maxwell Street means junk. To others, it is a sanctuary for the stuff of urban life.

Run For It!
by E.B.J. Winslow, M.D. and A.M. Samarel, M.D.
You might not win, but entering America’s Marathon/Chicago could pay big dividends to your body – and to your ego.

The Digital Revolution
by Rich Warren
What you need to know to plug into the biggest development in home entertainment since Edison invented the phonograph

Best of the Rest
by Rich Warren
Computer technology will revolutionize home stereo systems, but this is no time to get rid of your turntable, cartridge, amp, and deck.



by Henry Hanson
Sixty years of ferreting out rogues for the BGA; a new way to recline and ride; winning ugly – but no blood yet on the grass

On the Aisle: The Cat’s Cradle Season
by Claudia Cassidy
The theatre Fates are spinning again – a look at the 1983-84 season.

Movies: Saluting the Sixties
by Dave Kehr

The Big Chill, a machine movie without rayguns and monsters

Books: No Drunks Next to Armadillos
Playful and perilous poems from Paul Hoover
Sports: Seize the Day
by Ron Berler
By shunning night games, the Cubs could become the next baseball dynasty.

Chicago as it Was: Doing Time
by Perry R. Duis
A reminder of the bad old days: As long as there’s been Chicago, there’s been a Bridewell prison.
Travel: Paris Revisited
by Marcia Froelke Coburn
The warm winds of change are blowing through the streets of the venerable French capital.

The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
Beautiful places and things to fulfill your fantasies: From fields far and near, for your filet and foie gras, for your face and form, and for your jeune fille

Roger Simon: The Art of Panhandling
What to tell a buddy when he asks if you can spare a dime

Dining on a Budget: Dumpling Delights
by Jill and Ron Rohde
Our quest for the perfect pierogi leads to two delightful spots.

The Best of Chicago: Undercover Act
by Jamie Gilson
Venus Blue makes Afro-American history as comforting as a comforter.

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