Taking a Flier on a World’s Fair
by William Braden

Does Chicago have the money and the will to pull it off in 1992?

by Christine Koyama
Chicago has earned a reputation as a great theatre town. Are we willing to pay the price to keep it?

Great Strides
by Gale Kappe
The Hubbard Street Dance Company comes of age – with growing pains and growing pleasures.

Winner of The Nelson Algren Award: The End of Travel
fiction by Peter Trachtenberg
Both the father and the son seemed to be forever on the move – away from entrapment and on toward love.

Inside Story
by Jack Star
The world’s pre-eminent gastroenterologist is 75, walks five miles a day on his rounds, and occasionally makes palace calls.

Pilgrims for Peace
by Alfredo S. Lanier
Nicaragua, the prime travel mecca for political activists, welcomes ten from Chicago.

Here I am a Stranger
by Liu Zongren
A visitor from China tries to comprehend Western culture, Chicago-style.

Seven by Harris
cartoons by Sidney H. Harris

True Grit
by Michael Kiefer
Forget marathons. Here’s how to punish your body in three different and exciting ways.

Home Electronics
Rich Warren and Ted Ito discuss the home entertainment world of camcorders, video cassette recorders, “video” hi-fi, and much more, and suggest which equipment may be best suited to your personal needs – and your budget.

The Cubs 1984 – A Tribute
The glory of, the gusto of, the story of the 1984 Chicago Cubs – who brought the town to life again after all these years of waiting patiently at the cellar door.



by Henry Hanson
Evocations of hedonism for art students in Hefner Hall; a big yawn for the GOP convention; a poetic celebration of the Cubs

On the Aisle: Lyric Takes Some Lively Risks
by Claudia Cassidy
Moving on with something different…often with high promise

City: Dear John – The Janitor
by Michael Kiefer

Mostly true and mostly trashy tales of life in these parts

Movies: Naruse’s Women in Waiting
by Dave Kehr
A retrospective rediscovers the austere romantic vision of a dazzling Japanese director.
Books: Untold Stories

Declining the conventional approach again, Studs Terkel gives us a survivors’ history of World War Two.
Environment: Radioactive Garbage
by David Jackson
Can Illinois build a safe place to store its low-level nuclear waste?

The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
Sometimes old ways are best – eggs from happy hens, facts (in a familiar form) at your fingertips, vintage kimonos, a historic mall.
Travel: Thick Powder and Quiet Trails
by Laurie Gottlieb
Remote Sun Valley and snazzy Vail present a delightful choice of venue for skiers.

Chicago As It Was: Old Midwives’ Tales
by Perry R. Duis
The battle lines over who should attend the birth of a child were drawn nearly a century ago.

Roger Simon: Batting 1,000 with the Bruiser
The secret to getting your kid into the very exclusive Near North Side Country Lab School

Dining on the Town: Elegant Ethnicity
by Carla and Allen Kelson
When you’re in the mood to celebrate, remember: It doesn’t have to be French to be fancy.

The Best of Chicago: This Must be the Place
by Alan Gross
Choo. Boom. Chuck-chuck-a-boom. Com on; we’re going to Drums Ltd.

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