Mike Ditka
by Michael Kiefer

The coach of the Chicago Bears gives his views on Bear football, life, love, and religion.

The Frug
by Marcia Froelke Coburn
Jeff Smith, TV’s self-described “wacko cook,” talks about man’s hunger for food and affection.

Children of Poverty
by Stephen Shames and Alex Jotlowitz
Nearly half of all poor people in America are children. When you look at their faces, you can see how we’ve failed them.

Winner of the Nelson Algren Award: Blight
fiction by Stuart Dybek
Zig, Pepper, Deejo, and Dave jump curbs, talk to girls, and share prophetic dreams. Mayor Daley is everywhere.

Lunch with a Goddess
by Richard Stern
Sitting down to salad with Deborah Norville, Channel 5’s ultimately mysterious Viking belle

Looking Out for Your Own Interest
by Laura Green
A comparison of what 20 banks offer and what they charge for their services

When Parents Become Children
by Ronni Scheier
Caring for our elderly, ill parents is a challenge few of us are equipped to handle.

by Dave Hoekstra and Gregory Murphey
It’s comforting to know that there are a few things we can always go back to.

A New World of Sight and Sound
by Rich Warren
Thanks to advanced research, the thrill of the concert hall and the drama of the theatre come home.

It’s on Tape
by John Rezek
Tired of the titles at your neighborhood video store? These shops are sure to please the most discriminating film buff.

For the Record
by Lloyd Sachs
For the serious collector, there’s nothing like the voluminous vinyl to be found at specialty stores.



by Henry Hanson
Goodman stages Gogol’s Government Inspector; spirits of fairs past; music appreciation for Washington and Thompson

On the Aisle: Lear, The Duchess, Dylan
by Claudia Cassidy
The season is upon us. Perhaps theatre, like other fashion, recycles itself.

Movies: Sincerity and Defiance
by Dave Kehr

Independent films get restless – and raucous.

Books: Face Reading
Politicians in front of a camera are as careful as toreros in front of a bull.
Theatre: Actors Anonymous
by Lenny Kleinfeld
The people who play the parts on Chicago’s stages deserve to be cast as celebrities in real life.
Art: Design on a Grand Scale
by Henry Hanson
A blockbuster exhibit from Paris celebrates 150years of Chicago architecture.

Travel: Folklore, Fjords, and Fyrstekake
by Joanne Trestrail
Visiting Norway, a lovely land, lacy with water

The Goods
by Jamie Gilson
Gold and gemstones, rugged outfits for daredevils, antiques from England, and first-size garlic that will melt in your lentil puree

City: Defend Thyself
by Martha Davis
Doctors used to concern themselves with medical histories. Now they’re equally interested in litigation history.

Wine: The Unpredictable California Chardonnay
by Patrick W. Fegan
American wine makers are still experimenting with this grape, leaving consumers with a bewildering number of choices.

N.W. Newman: Great Designs for a Living City
Much of Chicago’s strength lies with those who worked with pencil and paper to create works of brick, mortar, and steel.

Dining on a Budget: Hats Off!
by Jill and Ron Rohde
Bomber burritos, enticing enchiladas: a salute to our favorite Mexican restaurants

Dining on the Town: Another Opening, Another Show
by Carla and Allen Kelson
New and noteworthy arrivals give a boost to the restaurant scene.

The Best of Chicago: Got a Second?
by Ina Jaffe
If you want to understand what makes time tick, spend a few hours at a special museum just outside of Rockford.

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