The Next Hot Neighborhoods
Four nice places in the city where housing prices haven’t skyrocketed…yet. Also, spotting the signs of revival, loft living, and the postgentrification blues

The Greening of Cabrini-Green
by Ann Grimes
Why selling it doesn’t seem inconceivable any more

Marketing the Maestro
by Phillip Huscher
As a musician and as a celebrity, Georg Solti wonders just how loudly that kettledown should be hit.

Life After Solti
by Morry Roth
The battle lines are already drawn: Who will be anointed the next conductor of the CSO?

Goods: Getting Booed!
by Donna Frost
Last-minute invitation to a Halloween party? No costume? Don’t be afraid – these shops can help.

Design for Working
by Judith Neisser
Corporate looks that invite, seduce, and sell



Journal: On the Street Where You Live
by Hillel Levin, editor
One solution for the problems of urban America

by David Jackson
Alderman Carter’s dilemma; dinner with the gangs; beating the press

by Henry Hanson
Cops bust clothespin artist; Roger Brown storms D.C.; man dies in satirical revue

Books: Confessions of a Kneecracker
One of Hoffa’s trusted aides tells what really happened. But we don’t believe it.

Space: Two-Faced Architecture
by M.W. Newman
Buildings that welcome the haves and shun the have-nots

Execs: Soapy Sales
by Mark Jannot
Can Ron Gidwitz sell the Republican Party as well as he’s sold shampoo?

Theatre: The Back-Yard Bard
by Bob Daily
New repertory groups bloom in the great outdoors.

Movies: Murderous Mouths
by Penelope Mesic
Two British films that appeal to the outrageous ranting in us all

Dining: The Bus Boy Did It
by Carla and Allen Kelson
Biggs brightens up with a new chef and a new kind of dinner theatre.

Last Call: Sultans of Sweat
by Melvin L. Marks
When a health club was a no-nonsense, grunt-and-groan emporium

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