Home $weet Home
by Dennis Rodkin

As the stock market gyrated, Chicago’s residential real estate remained a solid investment. Local experts examine the phenomenon, while we look at house prices in 270 communities in the city and suburbs.

The Remarkable Mr. Farley
by Marc Spiegler
Bill Farley was the highest-paid CEO in town last year despite huge losses at Fruit of the Loom. Such paradoxes define the flamboyant underwear mogul.

Leap of Faith
by Gale Kappe
Three years after moving to Chicago, the Joffrey Ballet is still trying to find its place in the cultural firmament. New works are crucial to its success, which is why it’s paying $100,000 for 15 minutes of Affection.

Labor of Love
by Ted Shen
Paul Quinn brought in his brothers Aidan and Declan to film a tale their Irish mother told them – a story of star-crossed lovers on the Emerald Isle.

Stealing History
by Don Babwin
Sean Brown’s job was to help track down long forgotten documents from Abraham Lincoln’s Springfield law practice. Instead, he started stealing them and peddling them on the brisk market for Lincolniana.

At Home: Out of Africa
by Christine Newman
Living in a former church isn’t nearly as alarming as living in an old firehouse. Two African art dealers show their stuff in a new venue.




A Pritzker son rocks; Toni Tennille lets her hair down; more

Style Sheet
by Stacy Wallace-Albert
Skateboard chic, urban self-renewal, Lalique liftoff, hat hoopla

Stage & Screen
by Penelope Mesic
Ragtime hits the big time at the newly restored abfab Oriental Theatre.

Real Lives
by Marcia Froelke Coburn
When Donna LaPietra throws a party on the charity circuit, it’s an event.

by Echo and Kevin Garrett
Exotic Jamaica lures travelers seeking romance, adventure – and family fun.

by James Ylisela Jr.
Channel 5 tries to restore its tattered news image by raiding its top competitor.

by Andrew Santella
Hoops booster Joe Gentile gave Loyola a new gym – and a PR nightmare.

Dining Out
by Dennis Ray Wheaton
The patrons wear jeans, but the dishes are dressed to kill at two new French bistros.

Sullivan’s Travels
by Terry Sullivan
A back-to-basics school goes way back – providing a Renaissance-era education.